How to make a discord bot

This tutorial will help to create the user’s own discord bot completely in the cloud, and for that, people don’t have to install an app or software on a computer or need not have to pay any money to host the bot. In order to work with the library of Python and the Discord API, firstly, people have to create an account on the discord bot.

The steps to create an account on discord bot are as follows: –

  • On the discord website, firstly, people have to log in.
  • Then Navigate to the page of the application.
  • Then click on the button of “new application,” which is located on the upper right side.
  • Then give a name to the application and then click “create.”
  • After that, go to the “Bot” tab and then click “Add Bot.” Users have to make it confirm by clicking “Yes, do it!” For Public Bot, keep the default settings and Require OAuth2 Code Grant, and the bot has been created.
  • After the bot, the next step is to copy the token, and this token is the bot’s password, which people cannot share with anybody. So never allow others to log in to your bot and create all sorts of bad things. Also, if it accidentally gets shared, you can regenerate the token.

How to make a bot on Discord?

Discord has experienced rapid growth and is popular among those with less interest in video games due to its slick interface, extensive features, and ease of use. This method will help to learn how to make a bot on the discord server list, channel list, channel view, user list, text input, and the user is as follows: –

  • The server list helps to be analogous to slack workspace and manages a group of users who can interact with each other within more or one server in the channel.
  • The Channel list is in the server’s right, and channels can be destroyed into an arbitrary number of categories. In the API server of Discord, the categories include GENERAL, INFORMATION, and LIBS. Every channel has a chat room where users can discuss any topic the channel is dedicated to. The channel has a lighter background on current viewing, and channels that have new messages till we last viewed have a white text color.
  • Channel view is a channel where users can see what other users have been talking about in the current viewing channel. Users can see only one message which is only partially visible. To support it is a list of links for individual Discord bot libraries. The server administrators have configured this channel so that regular users cannot send messages in it. Like a bulletin board, the administrators use this channel to upload some critical information so that it can easily be seen and will not drown out by chat.
  • The user list is on the right side of the server currently online. The users are divided into different colors and categories.A role explains the variety of what users should appear under, their color name, and their permissions in the server. Users have multiple roles, and some supersede math that determines what happens in that case. Every user has a role @everyone role.
  • Text input allowed one to write text and send messages without channel permission. A person cannot write text or message.
  • Firstly, set usernames can also set nicknames to get confused among other user names and be known by different names in different servers.

How to make a discord bot python

This tutorial will help to learn how to make a discord bot in python.

  • Creating a Discord Account- First login or create a new account and enter account information. It will redirect the user to the developer portal home page, where the user can make an application.
  • Creating an Application- Allows users to interact with Discords APIs by providing tokens, designation permissions, and so on. Then select the new Application and give a name and click create.
  • Creating a Bot helps users to listen to and automatically reacts to events and commands on Discord.
  • Creating a Guild helps users to congregate to chat in a specific group of channels.


As you have read above, I have mentioned all the details about the discord bot. I hope it will help you to understand it better—step by step guide to creating it. I have explained the steps after implementing myself only.

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