How Old Is Cynthia Parker

How Old Is Cynthia Parker? Get To Know The Teen Prodigy!

After posting dance challenges with her then-boyfriend, Charlie Hudson, TikTok sensation Cynthia Parker got two million followers and became famous.

Cynthia is not in any TikTok groups but she has friends who are. They are talented people and we think she will be in a group soon.

This is what you need to know about Cynthia.

How Old Is Cynthia Parker?

She was born in Canada and now has a net worth of over 400,000. She gets money from her deals with companies. She is the brand ambassador for Fashion Nova. Cynthia also has an online store. She sells things to her 2,400,000 Twitter followers.

Recent rumors say that Cynthia is now dating Quinton Griggs. He just turned 18 this year. He also makes videos on TikTok. Rumors started to go around and people began to call this couple Quinthia.

Cynthia isn’t renowned for commenting on her relationship status, but she did share a dance TikTok with Quin yesterday, labeling it “my baby boy,” implying that they’re engaged!

The content Cynthia posts could trick people into thinking she is older than 15 years old. That is okay because she has a lot of talent and her age doesn’t matter. This teenager will grow in fame along with her boyfriend. We think that Quinthia is a match made in heaven!

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