Tiktok: How To Get The “Bald Head” Filter!

“Bald Head” Filter!

A TikTok is becoming viral because it appears to be so genuine that it is misleading everyone. The Bald Head Filter produces some amusing content, and you’ll most likely want to try it yourself, so here’s how.

If you haven’t been living under a rock and are a TikTok lover, you’ve probably seen a lot of individuals attempting to fool you into thinking they’ve shaved their heads. Even though April Fools’ Day has passed, it’s time to keep pranking!

Continue reading to learn how to join the trend and deceive someone into thinking their hair has vanished!

How To Get The “bald Head” Filter!

Because it does not state that an effect is being utilized on the TikTok videos, it appears that this prank has worked so effectively on the public. This is due to users ripping the effect from Snapchat and posting it to TikTok. Because of this devious ploy, everyone has been anxiously seeking the TikTok filter, which, in reality, does not exist.

To begin, go to Snapchat and type in ‘Bald Character’ in the filters section, then begin shooting your video using the Snapchat filter. Next, save the movie to your camera roll, then post it to TikTok with the sound you choose.

Now it’s time to have some fun: add #BaldHead to your video caption and wait for the likes and comments to see how convincing your bald look is. Though TikTok does not currently have a bald filter, we believe that with the current trend becoming widespread, it won’t be long before the filter is only available on TikTok.

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People Try Out Tiktok “Bald Head” Filter

The prank has gone viral, and a lot of people have been duped by it. The next step is to try it out on other people by flipping your camera around and asking them to pose for a photo while secretly using the effect – then upload it to TikTok and watch the magic happen!

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