Oh God What If When He Sees Me Tiktok Song Title Revealed!

Oh God What If When He Sees Me Tiktok Song Title Revealed!

The most recent TikTok popular song is being utilised in videos to display items that have made people fall in love. Isn’t it lovely? Because the lyrics in the TikToks are “Oh God What if When He Sees Me,” the song is dubbed “Oh God What if When He Sees Me.”

The song, however, is known by a different name and comes from a Broadway show, so musical theatre enthusiasts may recognise it.

Oh God What If When He Sees Me Tiktok Song Title Revealed-

The song, dubbed “Oh God What if When He Sees Me” on TikTok, is really called “When He Sees Me” and is from the Broadway musical Waitress.

Jenna Hunterson, a baker and waitress in an abusive relationship, finds pregnant unexpectedly in Waitress, a musical based on the 2007 film of the same name.

Sara Bareilles created the music and lyrics for Waitress, and Kimiko Glenn, who portrays Dawn, sings the song “When he sees me.”

The song’s initial verses and chorus are as follows:

I stick with real things
Usually facts and figures
When information’s in its place
I minimize the guessing game
Guess what? (What?)

I don’t like guessing games
Or when I feel things
Before I know the feelings
How am I supposed to operate
If I’m just tossed around by fate?
Like on an unexpected date?

With a stranger who might talk too fast
Or ask me questions about myself
Before I’ve decided that
He can ask me questions about myself
He might sit too close
Or call the waiter by his first name
Or eat Oreos
But eat the cookie before the cream
But what scares me the most
What scares me the most

Is what if when he sees me, what if he doesn’t like it?
What if he runs the other way and I can’t hide from it? (Ah)
What happens then? (Ah)
If when he knows me, he’s only disappointed?
What if I give myself away, to only get it given back? (Ah)
I couldn’t live with that (how do you live with that?)

So, I’m just fine, inside my shell-shaped mind
This way I get the best view
So that when he sees me, I want him too

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