House Of The Dragon Will Differ From The Book For A Reason

House Of The Dragon Will Differ From The Book For A Reason

House of the Dragon, the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel, will have some sections that are told “quite different” from the novel it’s based on – but the showrunners have a very good (and very intriguing) reason for that.

The source for Household of the Dragon is Fire & Blood, George R.R. Martin’s spin-off novel that relates the story of the Targaryen dynasty in the guise of a history book. House of the Dragon, on the contrary hand, isn’t being told like a history textbook, but a record of the true occurrences.

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In a conversation, co-showrunners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik noted that they want their show to seem like it interacts with Fire & Blood, rather than just delivering the same storylines onscreen.

House Of The Dragon
House Of The Dragon

“We’re adopting more of the technique [of] toying with the past as it was written. Essentially, declaring that this is the ultimate fact that happened,” Condal said of the show.

“The fun of this act is that it acts as a bit of a common link to the history book. It interacts with the history book. In a sense, certain things will line up. Other topics will be told very differently. But the notion is that, in the end, the occurrences are the same. It’s just the ‘why’ and ‘how’ they occurred that changes as you see the true history.”

It’s a clever strategy to pursue, essentially offering existing fans of the book new reasons to pay attention to the events of the program, and compare them to Fire & Blood – and hopefully without inflaming the regular kinds of discussions about alterations to the source material.

Condal – a major fan of George R.R. Martin’s original work – is clearly putting his expertise to bear here, pointing out why the facts of the events and the history books can differ based on the source material itself:

“Most of the historical narratives that [Fire & Blood’s fictional writer] Archmaester Gyldayn was combing through, at least the two of them weren’t really around at the time. At the very least, they weren’t there when the events were taking place. “Mushroom” was created after the fact if you believe Mushroom, says the court jester. Gyldayn, on the other hand, was probably still alive when the Targaryens died out.

“We believe that the way history is told alters the meaning of events. Primary materials and eyewitness reports are essential since the historian only knows very much about what happened. We didn’t have all of it in this,” he continued.

The obvious question was whether or not a character who perished in the novel would be able to make a comeback on television. Because of this, Condal’s demeanor was appropriately obscure:

If the audience has read the novel, certain events will play out in ways that will surprise them.” Given their knowledge of the historical context.” One other advantage for the showrunners is that the actual surprises in Fire & Blood may be found in how the important players in House of the Dragon are portrayed. The show allows us to get to know them as people, rather than just the facts of their existence.

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“I think it was a godsend,” adds Sapochnik, “because it gave us something to do. Think about how and why they did what they did, rather than just what they did. “I believe it was a good thing,” he said.

With its August 21st premiere, we’ll discover just how significant those alterations may be. I’m not the only one working on a spin-off of “Game of Thrones” (not to mention a bunch of unused ideas).

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