Chivalry Of A Failed Knight
Chivalry Of A Failed Knight

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight: Is There Going To Be Season 2?

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight (also known in the anime adaptation as A Tale of the Worst One) is a Japanese lite novel series written by Riku Misora and drawn by Won titled “The Heroic Tales of the Failure Knight.

” A “failed knight” named Ikki Kurogane (Stella Vermillion) meets Stella Vermillion (Ikki Kurogane) in a magical realm. While training to become great knights, the two build a close friendship and become inseparable. On July 15, 2013, the first volume was released. As of late last year, there was an anime version. As of February 2017, 1.5 million copies of the light novels had been sold.

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Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Plot

Humans known as “Blazers” possess extraordinary talents in a world in which science has yet to be discovered. These Blazers have the ability to create weapons called “Devices” by drawing on the power of another person’s subconscious mind. When the seven Japanese Mage Knight Academies hold their annual competition to identify the strongest Apprentice Knight, they choose Blazers from Hagun Academy (, Hagun Gakuen) to represent them.

The academy’s director, Kurono Shinguji, is on a mission to improve Hagun’s festival performance ranking. Stella Vermillion, the princess of Vermillion, Europe’s largest country, is a top A-Rank Blazer, whereas F-Rank Blazer Ikki Kurogane is known as “The Worst One” for his poor magical talents.

As a new transfer student, Stella is assigned to room with Ikki on her first day at Hagun Academy. Upon seeing Stella half-dressed, Ikki is forced into a duel where the loser must serve the winner for the rest of his or her life.

As Ikki’s one and only mercy request, the two agree to live together as roommates. They go through a rigorous training regimen in order to represent their school at the festival, and the show chronicles their exploits.

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Cast

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Cast
Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Cast

Ikki Kurogane

Japanese Ryota Osaka and American Clint Bickham provided the voices (English)
The Worst One (Wsuto Wan) is a nickname given to Ikki, an F-Rank Blazer. Although Ikki Kurogane, a member of the illustrious Kurogane family, had been subjected to abuse since childhood, his great-grandfather Ryoma Kurogane, a legendary Blazer as well as hero, motivated Ikki to never give up and then become strong, and he went on to work tirelessly on his craft after that encouragement.

Stella Vermillion

Ishigami (Japanese) and Christian have provided the voices (English)
Stella, the protagonist of the series, is a red-haired A-Rank Blazer who is regarded as a genius once in a generation. Laevateinn is her Device and Katharterio Salamandra is her Noble Art. In the Vermillion Kingdom (a small European kingdom), the second princess, Stella, was burned every time she tried to use her talents as a child.

Shizuku Kurogane

Voiced by: Nao Toyama (Japanese) and Juliet Simmons (American) (English)
He has an intense crush on Ikki’s younger sister. Chapter 4 In contrast to her darker-haired brother, she has light brown hair. Lorelei is a B-Rank Blazer known for her mastery of magic control. It’s called Yoishigure, and her Noble Arts include the Shah Suire Water Prison Orb and Hisuijin. Aoiro Rinna and Chapter 4. Shizuku is enraged at her family’s abuse of Ikki and dislikes being a member of the family.

Other Members

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2: Official Announcements and Release Dates

We’re still waiting for official word on when Season 2 will be available. Neither the studios nor filmmaker Oonuma Shin has spoken publicly about the project. Since only a small portion of the original light novel was depicted in the anime, an entirely new season might be adapted from the remaining volumes.

There will be a total of 18 volumes of light novels published by the time the final one is released in June of 2020. The likelihood of a new season has dwindled in the five years since the last one was released.

For now, there is plenty of material for a possible continuation of the series. If a show isn’t renewed, it’s because the cast and crew are either too busy with other projects or the show hasn’t been as successful as expected.

However, as fans, we can’t just sit around and wait for the game to come out. Let’s take a closer look at all aspects of the series.

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Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Trailer

You can watch the trailer for Chivalry Of A Failed Knight here:

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