Her Family Says A 22-year-old Woman Who Was Stuck In Her Car During A Snowstorm Has Died
Her Family Says A 22-year-old Woman Who Was Stuck In Her Car During A Snowstorm Has Died

Her Family Says A 22-year-old Woman Who Was Stuck In Her Car During A Snowstorm Has Died

The family of a 22-year-old woman who posted videos of the unprecedented snowstorm in Buffalo, New York, while she was trapped in her car waiting for help says that she was one of the 34 people who died in western New York as a result of the snowstorm, which was the deadliest snowstorm in the city in decades.

According to her relatives, Anndel Taylor was driving home from her job as an assistant at a nursing home on December 23 when her car became trapped in the snow. Taylor had been working at the nursing home. According to what Wanda Brown Steele told NBC News, Taylor was forced to stay in her running car while she waited for aid after calling 911. However, she did so while keeping the engine running.

According to Taylor’s family, she had given them recordings of her car being stuck in the snow, and they had their final communication with her soon after midnight on December 24, when she told them she was going to try to get some sleep and then walk to safety in the morning.

Tomeshia Brown, Taylor’s sister, stated that she had uploaded a picture of Taylor to Facebook along with an approximation of her current whereabouts. Brown noted that a man who lived in the area went out at nine o’clock on December 25 and discovered her vehicle.

The body of Taylor was discovered lying in the reclined position of the driver’s seat. Brown Steele said in an interview with NBC News, “I’m good one minute, then it hits me.” NBC News requested a comment from the Erie County Medical Examiner regarding Taylor’s cause of death; however, the Medical Examiner did not immediately respond to the request. First responders came under fire from Taylor’s sisters after it took them two days to reach their sister and the vehicle she was in.

Shawnequa Brown expressed her confusion by stating, “I don’t understand what they’re there for.” “I have the impression that they did try, but their effort was insufficient. I feel frustrated since they did not arrive there at any point at all.”

Additionally, NBC News has reached out to the Buffalo Police Department for comment. According to statements by Mayor Byron Brown of the City of Buffalo, the city thinks every abandoned vehicle in the middle of city roadways has been examined for survivors. After doing their inspections, the authorities label each car with a piece of tape.

According to County Executive Mark Poloncarz, among the deceased in Erie County, New York, there were 17 persons found dead outside, seven other people found without heat, and three others found dead in their automobiles.

Her Family Says A 22-year-old Woman Who Was Stuck In Her Car During A Snowstorm Has Died
Her Family Says A 22-year-old Woman Who Was Stuck In Her Car During A Snowstorm Has Died

According to comments made to NBC News by Taylor’s mother, the young woman, who was about to turn 23 years old, had relocated to Buffalo in 2020 from Charlotte, North Carolina, in order to be closer to her diabetic father and to complete her education.

“She had some ideas. She was performing the action, “— I quote her. “She was successful beyond anyone’s expectations, including my own.” When the Taylor family found out what had happened to their daughter during the snowstorm, the Christmas dinner they had prepared, full of the 22-year-favorite old’s dishes, was left to sit cold and untouched.

According to Lasheena Smith, Taylor’s stepmother, spoke with NBC News, “her face is everywhere in the house, and everyone sees it.” “We continue to feel like helpless victims.”

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