Most Creepy Haunted Houses in San Francisco That You Must Know

Through, this article, you will look at those places where for ages, the souls and spirits are stuck in San Francisco. Well, we are talking about top haunted houses in San Fransico. 

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Top Haunted Houses in San Francisco:

Here, is a list of the top haunted houses that you must know before visiting the San Franciso- 

  • Winchester Mystery House:

Do you know which is the most haunted house in the world? Or Are you aware of the haunted house, which is haunted regularly?

Well, all the above questions have one answer Winchester Mystery House. This dark residence is situated in the Pacific Height District of San Franciso. Just a street away from the stunning Lafayette Park.

Winchester Mystery House was constructed back in 1896 by Willaim Franklin Whittier for his cherished wife who, accidentally passed before the completion of the mansion.

It is rumored that the house is permeated by numerous spies to spot the visitors. It is said that the bald butler is noticed on the second floor and a lady lying on a chair has also been detected. No one knows the reasons why these two ghosts are inside Whitter Mansion. 

  • Haskell House at Fort Mason:

Another creepy haunted place on the list is Haskell House. When the military gains ownership of Fort Mason, officials staying at the Haskell House proclaimed that Broderick’s ghost there pacing barth and forth

While other persons stated that they feel like someone is following them. Sounding weird? No one likes to face these kinds of situations. Isn’t it….

So far, the house is currently serving as a place for the park tenants. Its full address is- Haskell House, 3 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA, 94123, United States, +1 415-775-7526.

  • The Atherton Mansion:

Continuing the list further, Atherton Mansion has a walking distance from the Whitter Mystery House and from the Chamber House. Atherton Mansion is among the most haunted house. 

It’s the criminal back story that is famous in the Bay region, often the house is considered as a picture-perfect story giving high cold-creeps. The house was constructed by Dominga de Goni when her affluent husband Faxon D. Atherton, got deceased.  

The widow relocated herself with one of her children, Geoge, and his wife. Both the women questioned his manhood and thus, he decides to leave the house and prove his dignity and worth. But destiny has some other plans for him. During his journey on the ship, he faced a kidney issue and even passed away due to this disease.

Captain was not sure what to do, so he sent his body to San Francisco home in the rum barrel. His butler accepted the delivery, get shocked when he opens it. His body was buried but his spirit still roams and haunts the women that made his life journey like this.  

  • Curran Theater:

Curran Theater, the other haunted house on the list. No doubt, the building is historic, but its architectural details will amaze you. Some of the guests claimed that they saw a ticket-taker inside the building when they peep into the house through the window.

Probably, he is one who has been murdered inside the theater in the 1920s. Even it is alleged that the place is haunted by the cashier, who is also killed in the house during the robbery. 

Initially, the original Curran Theater has various names but however, the current theater has no other name. It gets associated with the Civic Light Opera (CLO) that also works in Los Angels. Now, CLO attains multiple bookings, also they produce their own shows as well.

How’s a theater became a haunted house and again back to its working. Each house has unique incidents making the place the most haunted. 

  • The Chamber Mansion:

The Chamber Mansion is also one of the haunted houses that have been ducked behind the heavy fence and trees. From there, you can get a glimpse of the house especially its white exteriors. Previously, it was operated as a hotel but now, it is a private house. 

One of the residents of the house, Claudia, passed away in a suspicious manner and rumors said it was not an accident rather she was killed by her sister, who hates her or any other family member who stabbed her. 

But the noticing fact is the ghost is extremely active as enigmatic flashing lights have been seen by the visitors. Even the windows and doors, closes automatically and sudden temperature slopes are also felt. So, passers reported, the mansion is highly haunted. 

These are the top five creepy houses in San Francisco, we have shared all major aspects about all of them. 

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Terminal Words:

The article gives you deep insights into the creepy places in San Francisco. All the top haunted houses have been described in the article, sharing every significant detail about it. If you want to anything about it then let me know in the comment section. 

Apart from this, if you are seeking any information about any place then let me know in the comment section.  

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