Supreme Do’s and Don’t on Bike That You Must Adhere:

Traveling on Bike!! What a Marvelous experience???? 

Isn’t it? The best way to describe it: 

“And I to my motorcycle.

Parked like the soul of the junkyard

Restored, a bicycle fleshed

With power, and tore off

Up Highway 106, continually

Drunk on the wind in my mouth,

Wringing the handlebar for speed,

Wild to be wreckage forever.”

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best experiences but following safety measures with due diligence is equally important. Otherwise, the regret will be for a lifetime. Maybe it may sound a little bit boring to you, but it will really help you in the long-run.  

Here, we have made a list of what you should do and what you should avoid while traveling by bike. If you are a biker and planning your next tour, then wait….have a thorough reading of the below-mentioned measure and grasp them rigorously. 

Let’s move ahead to the measures:  

Do’s for Traveling on Bike

By following these simple yet effective measures, you can save yourself from mishaps. Let’s dive deep into it: 

  • Check your bike condition

Well, this is the most vital work that everyone should do before going on a long trip. Check your bike condition thoroughly and, if necessary, change the bike tyres, lubing the chain, oils checking. Furthermore, examine the electrical connections, whether they are correctly working or not. 

Moreover, before going on a trip by Bike, service your bike one week before and one day before check the tyre pressure for no hassle at the last minute.

  • Make sure you are fit for a long trip

This may sound weird, but you should not go on a bike if you are still recovering from a significant illness. Instead choose any other way like train, bus or anything else as per your convenience. 

Change your plan of bike riding on long tours. 

  • Take frequent interval

If you do elongated riding, then you will quickly get tired and particularly after covering a long distance. Now, the next question in your mind will be:

How frequently should you take a break? Actually, it depends on you….depending on your persistence and strength. A five minutes break after every hour or two hours to stretch your legs and hands will be fair enough. Additionally, it will ensure that your muscles don’t get cramped while riding in a similar position for a long time. 

  • Drink plenty of Fluids

Make sure you take a considerable amount of fluids to keep yourself restored and also take your meals properly. All this will increase your focus and will reduce your distractions, causing due to hunger pangs. 

  • Plan with one or two Partners

Always plan your tour with one or two riders. So, in case of any mishap, your partner can help you in his best way. Never go on a ride with someone to whom you don’t know properly. Since you are not sure of his riding habits and this can surprise you on the road.  

Try to prefer those with whom you have been already traveled. This will make you more comfortable while riding. 

  • Plan your Route beforehand

It is a good idea to plan your route beforehand and, if possible, try to know the conditions of the road of your path. If you do this, then you will definitely admire your journey. 

For all your preparatory work, adhere to the predecided way as it will cover your time soon, and you will reach your destination on time. 

  • Carry your Bike Documents

Do carry your bike documents and driving license with your adhere card. You don’t know when you need it and where you have to show it. 

Make a separate small bag of it containing all of them. Furthermore, take the photocopies of these documents that will help you in case any of the documents are misplaced. 

  • Check your Insurance

Verify your two-wheeler insurance papers whether they are in order, especially in India third party protection is mandatory. Review either your insurance is expiring or not… if yes, then renew it. 

It will help you cover your medical and legal expenses associated with third party injury and property damage. 

  • Check the weather ahead of time

Before moving ahead towards your journey, check-in the advances of the climatic conditions. If the weather is not suitable, then it is advisable to extend your trip until the weather turns out as per your requirement or adhere to the safety measures strictly. 

Don’t Do While Traveling through Bike

  • Don’t Overspeed or Underspeed

If you are a frequent rider, then you must be aware of your comfortable riding speed. It varies from person to person, as some may be comfortable on 60kmph and others may be on 80kmph.  

If possible, then stick to that speed as some roads and regions don’t allow that much speed. You will feel more tired if you ride less or more than your comfortable pace. You will be amazed by the amount of distance you covered with your comfortable speed. Do try it and share your experience with us. 

  • Avoid Traveling at Night

It is a big no if you are traveling by bike. No doubt, the lighting setup is increasing these days, but there is still a high possibility of neglecting speed bulge, any hole or barricade, or even any animal. All this can be noticed anyway from miles during sunlight. 

In case it is too required then you don’t ride in a rush and, in addition to it, keep your speed low with plenty of breaks. You have to be alert as twice as you are alert in the morning. 

  • Don’t get aggressive on the road

This is for your safety…always be defensive on the road. Do not try to annoy any truck or bus driver because he is not letting you. A 10-ton vehicle will have a massive impact on your bike and life. So, it is better to be alert in advance. 

  • Never leave your items on your Bike untended

Try to carry your items with yourself if you are dropping the bike somewhere. Moreover, you should bring a bike lock so that you can secure your bike when not in use, notably this in the case of the rented bike.  

Whether it is a rented bike or your bike, you should take your items with you to safeguard yourself from accidents.  

  • Never use your Mobile Phone

We all are aware of this but don’t follow this in our life. It is for our safety, do follow the instructions and even don’t jam your phone between your helmet and ear; it also diverts you. Be aware of this thing as well. 

  • Carry only Essentials Items

Don’t carry high baggage with yourself on bike tours. It will only frustrate you and will bring stiffness to your journey. The higher the bags, the higher will the pang. So, avoid carrying heavy luggage. 

  • Try to reduce sudden breaking

If it is highly required, then do the sudden breaking; never use it. It will harm your bike as well as dangerous for your life. 


This article was all about the do, and they don’t while traveling through the bike. Before going on your tour, check each and every point and try to accompany them in your life. 

Share your experience and if you want to add anything, then also write to us in the reference section. We will acquaint your suggestions. For any help, contact us. 

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