Things to do in Fort Myers: Mesmerizing Attractions And Best Activities to Explore

No matter, Fort Myers is one of the pleasing destinations. But if you are planning to visit Fort Myer then it is extremely necessary for you to know about the best spots and nearby area of Fort Myers. 

So, that your trip is worth going. As always is here, to help you. To know about the interesting places of Fort Myer, be with us till the end to gather information about the best spots and things to do in Fort Myers. 

Let’s get started:

Top Most Attractions of Fort Myers:

I know you are too curious to know about the best destinations of Fort Myers. In just a few minutes, you will be able to know. But for that, quickly go through the list presented below. 

Since you are visiting the United States, you have the option to give heights to your visiting, as the United States has a plethora of destinations that you can explore. You can explore Michigan and its best attractions and Yellowstone, make your trip worth-going. 

Moving towards the list:

Fort Myer Beach:

Whether you are looking to explore watersports or simply visit there to relax, the atmosphere and the experience is highly relishing. If watersports interest you and you are always fond of parasailing and kayaking then Fort Myer Beach is one of the best spots for you. 


You can access parasailing and kayaking and numerous other activities on Fort Myer. The seven-mile-long golden beach has white sand which acts as a coolant eye wiper. Moreover, its warm water and scanty selection of hotels bind every viewer. 

You can freely enjoy swimming, walking in and around the beach. No matter, whether you swim or not, you can spend your whole in sightseeing. With this, you can get an idea, how’s pleasant the environment is there. 

  • Time Square:

Time Square is a closely-packed spot yet one of the busiest pedestrian areas and often known as a “hub of the Broadway Theater District”. And you know it is one of the world’s most visited tourist draws, with 50 million visitors visiting annually. 

With its colorful painted prints, you can identify the area easily. Even it has a huge variety of restaurants and shops that you can explore. If you admire cultural events and dancing then in the evening, you can go for it. 

If you are seeking a glimpse of Time square right now then here is a video for you that will help you to get that. So, go for it:

Does spot please you? Drop your thoughts in the comment section. 

  • Fort Myer River District/ Downtown:

Fort Myer River District shield historical downtown. Its conversing job is excellent and there you can enjoy a plethora of historical vintage. Interestingly, its area is protected with a red interlocking roadway which also considered an advantage. 

Moreover, its vast restaurant collection also the best place for the foodie. You won’t believe, it has an iconic restaurant – Ford’s Garage that contains a 1920s service station theme and even flaunts vintage Ford vehicles and items related to it for its visitors.

Here, is a video for you to get a glance at River District:

In short, the area is packed with restaurants, theaters, boutique items, and a Deco building which is the backdrop of the area. So, don’t forget to visit this, if you are planning to look into Fort Myer. 

  • Edison Ford Winter Estates:

This waterfront site is situated in the north of downtown Fort Myers. The spot is extremely beautiful and even now recognized as a National Historic Landmark. You can freely enjoy the sightseeing as it is declared as an open museum for the public. 

Curious??? To know what things have given- spot such high recognition. Well, when you give it a tour, you will view expansive grounds, the latest museum with seven galleries, impeccable vintage cars, and even displays on electricity. 

Moreover, the area has astonishing Botanical gardens and Banyan Tree, which is the biggest in North America (65 feet tall), which is worth watching. Perhaps, these gardens and trees don’t sound so great but the view is mesmerizing. You will admire, once you view them. So, give it a try. Share your experience with us after watching this video:

  •  Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve:

We often learn and hear about zoos and wildlife but have you ever wondered or heard about birding locations. If not, then now you will get to know. 

The spot is one of the best Fort Myers birding locations. Having a variety of birds like blue herons, ibis, snowy egrets, and if you are lucky enough, then roseate spoonbills. Watch this video, and get detailed information regarding this spot:

Moreover, its other highlight is a 1.4 mile-long boardwalk on which you can explore the looping trail, replete interpretive kiosks and even you can catch past varieties of flora, including red maple, wood ferns, and young cypress trees. If you need a relaxing yet intriguing spot with a touch of nature then this spot is one of the best for you. 

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What things you can explore in Fort Myers?

Undoubtedly, the spots are awesome but only sightseeing will not make your trip pleasing if you are adventurous and prefer to explore new activities. So, keeping this in mind, we are here with the things that you can explore in Fort Myers.

Her, we go with the list:

  • Haunted History of Fort Myers Walking Tour
  • Magic Wind Adventure Sailing
  • Explore Summer Charters
  • Manatee & Eco River Tours
  • Str8 Up Aviation
  • Ace Performer Watersports Rentals
  • Adventures In Paradise
  • Offshore Hunter Fishing Charters
  • Kayak Excursions – Bunche Beach
  • Castle Golf
  • Everglades Day Safari
  • EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals
  • Paddleboard SWFL
  • Gulf Coast Marine Tour 
  • Coastal Biplane Tours
  • Private Tour: Adventure Day Trip from Greater Fort Myers/Naples Area
  • Go for a Private Boating Tour with Guide
  • West Coast Tour Gulf of Fort Myers
  • Skip the Line: IMAG History and Science Center Admission Ticket

Isn’t the activities are intriguing and even some of the activities and excursion names are attention-grabbing. Right….What activities you have decided to explore. Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Similar to Fort Myer,  West Palm is one of the best places to explore, and rather its restaurants are extremely famous. To blow your mind, here is a list of the best restaurants in West Palm, that you should know. 

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Concluding Words:

Hoping the guide is useful to you and you can plan your trip easily without any hassle. For your convenience, all the best activities and spots are listed in the article, so your journey will be mesmerizing. 

In case, you want to know about any other destination of Fort Myer and looking for its details then let me know in the comment section. We will sort it out for you and present an article for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

For what Fort Myers is famous?

Fort Myers has a huge diversity of nature and has numerous historical estates. Fort Myers is well-known for these and highly renowned for its shelling beaches. It serves as a gateway for the island and even for the Sanibel area. 

Which is the coldest month in Fort Myers?

The cool season lasts around 2.7 months, generally from December to February with an average temperature of 77°F and the coldest month is January. While the hottest month is August and the average temperature very high of 91°F and low of 75°F. 

What are the best months and time to visit the Ford Myers?

If you fully want to enjoy your destination and looking for less crowd then the best time to visit is between March and May. In these months, rates are also down in comparison to other months. Moreover, if you are looking for the quiet vacations then springtime and breaker is the best time to visit. 

Is Fort Myer worth visiting?

Fort Myer is a city situated in Florida and one of the most pleasing cities in Florida. The city is extremely popular for its beaches. So, the destination is worthy to visit and it allows you to explore numerous activities as well. 

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