Brandon Holt Obituary

Brandon Holt Obituary: Holt’s Passing Leaves a Void in Many Lives!

Alissa Holt, Brandon Holt’s wife, posted a statement on her official Facebook page announcing the passing of her adored husband and beloved man. Friends and family, I’m brokenhearted as I type these words, but Jesus is still my peace.

My sweet husband took his last breath here on Earth at 8 am. He’s now singing with Jesus and dancing without pain. My heart is broken and full of the love that Brandon Holt gave our daughters and me.

We do not have any information concerning a service but we will keep everyone informed. Thank you for the love, prayers, support, and belief in the anointing and call that he had on his life. Please respect our privacy as the girls and I process the grief of losing the man we loved beyond words.

Brandon my love, you were the one my heart longed for. We took this world and lit it on fire for Jesus. I won’t stop and I know you are cheering me on from heaven.

Brandon Holt Obituary

Brandon Holt’s Cause of De@th 

Official sources confirmed that he passed away suddenly. We pray for comfort and peace for Alissa Holt and the daughters as they walk this journey called life. Brandon earned his reward today for the numerous lives he touched and the souls he won.

The day before Brandon passed away, Alissa posted the following statement concerning an update on his health:

Friends, I want to ask you to pray for the love of my life. We’ve gone from doing ministry this weekend to needing a miracle. As I sit in this hospital I’m reminded of every promise God has given us.

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The devil is a liar! Please respect our privacy during this time and try not to blow up mine and Brandon Holt phone. Continue to lift me and the girls up as you intercede for HEALING in my sweethearts body.

Brandon Holt’s de@th has been officially confirmed, however the cause of his de@th has not yet been disclosed; as a result, it is now unknown. Additionally, we must keep in mind that, during this trying period, family privacy is particularly crucial.

As soon as we learn more information on the tragic occurrence that left many people in tears, we’ll update this section.

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