The Meaning And Origins Of Bomboclaat Explained: Twitter Trend Explored!


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What exactly does Bomboclaat imply? The Twitter craze is explained. The internet is a strange and beautiful world, with new strange and amazing trends appearing practically every day.

Bomboclaat, sometimes known as Bumboclaat, is one of the weirdest of these phenomena to arise on Twitter in recent memory. But what does the phrase actually imply, and where did it come from?

The Bomboclaat Meme

The Bomboclaat craze began in Nigerian portions of Twitter in early October, according to the Daily Dot, but soon expanded to other parts of the social network.

Thousands of individuals have already taken advantage of the Bomboclaat meme on Twitter, which purports to display images of people in a state of shock and astonishment, as with other excellent internet phenomena.

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What Does The Phrase Actually Mean?

The genuine Bomboclaat term has a lot more mature connotation than most Twitter memes would have you believe.

Bomboclaat is an expletive term that originated in Jamaica, according to Urban Dictionary, which has meanings for the phrase dating back to 2006.

“Common Jamaican expletive” is used in either extreme of excitement, grief, or vexation towards a person or merely as a statement, according to Urban Dictionary.

So, while the usage of Bomboclaat on Twitter is somewhat accurate to the word’s original definition in that it may indicate astonishment, as one Twitter user points out, most of the memes that have surfaced on Twitter are not completely loyal to the word’s original meaning.

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Other Definitions

However, the phrase has several definitions in Urban Dictionary, ranging from an idiom meaning “to get extremely furious” to a slang term for vaginal herpes. Delightful.

Bumboclaat, on the other hand, alludes to menstruation pads or toilet paper as bumbo (meaning bottom) and claat (the Jamaican pronunciation of cloth) literally translates to the bottom cloth, according to the website Jamaican Patwah.


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