His House’s Apeth Explained: What Is The Meaning Of The Dinka’s Night Witch?

Fans have been left with concerns regarding the significance of the film’s ghostly apeth, the night witch, since it premiered on Netflix on October 30th.

Autumn is often a spooky season as the evenings grow longer and the weather becomes more unpredictable.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that scary movies and TV shows are popular at this time of year on streaming platforms like Netflix.

One such horror film is His House, which tells the story of two South Sudanese refugees who are plagued by the ghosts of their past.
The evils that haunt them take the shape of an apeth, also known as a night witch, but fans of His House have been left wondering what an apeth is and what its mythological meaning is.

His House On Netflix

His House was released on Netflix on October 30th, 2020, just in time for Halloween, following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Bol and Rial, a couple of refugees fleeing war-torn South Sudan with their daughter Nyagak, share their experience in this eerie film.

However, Nyagak is one of the countless souls lost to the seas while crossing the Mediterranean into Europe, and when Bol and Rial arrive in the United Kingdom to seek refuge, the spirits of Nyagak and their history continue to haunt them.

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What Is An apeth

In South Sudanese Dinka legend, an apeth, sometimes known as a night witch, is a ghostly creature.
Rial elucidates the apeth in His House.

There was a guy in South Sudan who would steal to survive. However, the guy stole from an apeth and used the stolen property to construct a new home for himself. As a consequence, the apeth took up residence in the freshly constructed house as well, tormenting the guy who had stolen from it.

After earning their new life in Britain by taking the life of Nyagak, who was slain on their way, Bol and Rial draw the notice of an apeth.

According to ScreenRant, the apeth is “a cornerstone” of the Dinka people’s beliefs, citing anthropologist Godfrey Lienhardt, who spent his life studying the Dinka people.His House’s Apeth Explained

The Apeth In His House

After Nyagak’s death, the apeth in His House expresses itself in Bol and Rial’s life, and there’s a good cause for it.

Rial is taken back to South Sudan before she and Bol departed in a dream-like scene.

We learn that the two could only leave the war-torn nation if they had a child, and that they kidnapped Nyagak from her mother and aren’t the genuine parents of the deceased girl.

As a result, the apeth goes for Rial and Bol, manifesting itself in a terrible monster shape and stating that if Bol sacrifices himself, it can save Nyagak.

Instead, Bol and Rial accept responsibility for their actions and vanquish the apeth.

However, even when the monster apeth is killed in His House, the couple is reminded of the spirits they live with, especially unfortunate Nyagak.

After its October 30th, 2020 release, His House is now available to view on Netflix.

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