Bartise Love is Blind Girlfriend
Bartise Love is Blind Girlfriend

Bartise Love is Blind Girlfriend: Olivia Gross And Bowden’s Journey to Forever!

Bartise Bowden, a generally despised cast member from Love Is Blind season 3 and Perfect Match season 1, startled viewers on April 7 by announcing that he is now a father on social media. He omitted to say who the mother of his son was, though.

As of April 10, Olivia Gross, age 25, was regarded as the son’s mother by Bartise. Court documents and devoted Internet sleuths were used to find her. Reality TV viewers were surprised by Bartise’s outright villainy against his love interests (and alarmingly smug attitude).

Bartise coldheartedly abandoned his partner at the altar on Love Is Blind, and Nancy acknowledged that she stopped speaking to him in November 2022.

On Perfect Match, where he received criticism for his treatment of The Circle’s Ines Tazi from France and Izzy Fairthorne from Too Hot To Handle, Bartise cemented his unpopularity.

Izzy and Bartise were matched in the finale, however they are no longer dating. After the filming was finished, he started dating Olivia Gross, the mother of his child.

Love Is Blind’s Bartise’s Baby Mama Is Revealed

According to Yahoo! News, Bartise filed documentation pertaining to his newborn kid on April 3 confirming that the mother is Olivia, according to court records obtained by Life & Style. His appearances on Love Is Blind and Perfect Match and his dating history was discussed.

However, further investigation on social media tends to indicate that Bartise’s connection with Olivia and his reality TV roles overlapped extensively. Season 3 of Love Is Blind finished filming in 2021, and March 2022 saw the start of production on Perfect Match.

Bartise Love is Blind Girlfriend

Olivia & Bartise’s Relationship Timeline After Perfect Match

A potential timeline for Olivia’s connection with Bartise was revealed on her TikTok account, @livigrl432, which is now set to private. When Olivia disclosed in a TikTok on January 27 that her kid was one month old on that day, it was clear that Bartise’s son, Aiden, had been born in late December.

Olivia became pregnant in late March 2022, assuming Bartise wasn’t born prematurely, just as he was coming home from his Panamanian Perfect Match adventures.

It was undoubtedly a brief encounter and might have even been a one-night stand if they hadn’t met before. Olivia, however, admitted in another TikTok that she didn’t become aware of her pregnancy until five months had passed.

Bartise and Olivia’s relationship status hasn’t been discussed much, but there are tidbits of information that give a more certain image on social media. In July and June 2022, Olivia declared on her TikTok that she had been seized, but not in May.

On April 9, Bartise shared an Instagram tale where he appeared to be lounging on the couch and taking in Easter (and televised sports). Olivia’s hand might have been resting on his dog in the picture where it was visible. This hasn’t been verified, though. It is likely that the person whose hand is visible in the picture is also the photographer.

Both Olivia and Bartise reside in Dallas, Texas, and Olivia frequently mentioned on her TikTok that she works as a server and bartender. Bartise is noticeably missing from the prevalent Aiden videos on her TikTok.

Bartise posted pictures on April 7 with the message “Might’ve been the villain on tv, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man ❤️ #bigfella,” so it’s unknown whether the two are still together.

Bartise’s Instagram post received a mixed response from fans, but his fellow cast members from reality TV showed support. Ines, another member of the Perfect Match cast, commented, “Congratulations to the new father! He looks like a beautiful healthy boy! All my best wishes to you.”

Here are some further updates that are similar to this one:

Meanwhile, Kariselle Snow of Perfect Match and Se*y Beasts fame joked, Bartise being the first dad after Perfect Match was not on my bingo card.”

On the other hand, some followers were shocked, with one user commenting, “Sooo not ready for marriage but ready for the lifelong commitment of kids,” and another musing, “The math ain’t mathing.

He did two shows back to back wouldn’t that mean he left girl pregnant at home to go find someone else on a dating show?” The hate for Bartise truly never ends, though it seems richly deserved.

It came as a major surprise to Love Is Blind and Perfect Match viewers when Bartise abruptly announced that he was a father. There are hints that provide a glimpse into what happened between Olivia and Bartise, despite the fact that their relationship is still a mystery.

Fans aren’t being very kind to Bartise or Olivia, with some calling her ugly and many making “barstool” jokes on her TikTok videos. Olivia probably changed her TikTok settings to private in the afternoon of April 10 due to this maltreatment.

Following the events of Perfect Match, Bartise moved back to Dallas and began dating Olivia. During this time, Olivia fell pregnant but was unaware of it for five months. Photos and videos of Aiden, born in the winter, show how much his parents cherish him.

Hopefully, further details about Olivia’s relationship with the Love Is Blind alum will surface over the coming days. Meanwhile, social media sleuthing is generating more queries.

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