Does Matt Fitzpatrick Have a Girlfriend
Does Matt Fitzpatrick Have a Girlfriend

Does Matt Fitzpatrick Have a Girlfriend? His Love Journey and Dating Rumors!

Unlike many of his contemporaries, many of whom have recently tied the knot, US Open champion Matt Fitzpatrick doesn’t seem anxious to enter marriage. Having said that, he does seem to have a recent girlfriend named Katherine Gaal.

She initially emerged on Fitzpatrick’s social media at the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Hawaii at the beginning of 2023. As you can see in the images above and below, she then made another appearance in the Par-3 Tournament during Masters Week.

Gaal is a person we know nothing about, and her Instagram account is private. On her LinkedIn page, she is called an “extremely hardworking and ambitious individual who is able to work exceptionally well in a fast-paced, demanding environment.”

Fitzpatrick was dating tennis player Deniz Khazaniuk (sometimes spelled Khazan), who peaked at number 200 (Singles) in the WTA rankings.

She was last seen publically with the golfer supporting him at the 2020 DP World Tour Championships, but they have broken up.

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Fitzpatrick described how talking on the phone with his ex-girlfriend, whose parents are from Ukraine, helped him put his work in perspective.

She was telling me about her gran who had a couple of strokes recently and can hardly walk, so she can’t go anywhere,” he told the Mail Online last June.

“Then she told me about her uncle who had just packed his bags and was off to fight tomorrow. I was sitting there in Florida ready to practise and it hit me, the contrast between the fact he might never come back and what I do.”

Does Matt Fitzpatrick Have a Girlfriend

Following Russia’s invasion of the nation last year, Fitzpatrick had phoned Khazaniuk, born in Israel after her family had emigrated from Ukraine, to see how she was doing. And he continued,

“I’d already decided to be a little easier on myself this year and appreciate all that I have but that phone call just emphasized I don’t want to be miserable for the rest of my life worrying about winning golf tournaments. Sure, I want to win but there has to be a balance.”

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