Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2 Release Date: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?


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It’s almost been one year since the conclusion of the initial season of Azur Lane, and fans are highly curious and clamouring for Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2. Some people really appreciated this show, however it was a major disappointment for some. The run time of its programmes is only eight minutes. As a result, the public wants to see more of this series. So, will this anime ever return?

Azur Lane Slow Ahead, commonly known as Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin, is a Japanese action-comedy anime series. It is the remake of the 4-Koma manga series of the same name. Yostar Picture and Candy Box studio collaboratively animated the first season directed by Masato Jinbo. The anime made its debut in January 2021. It completed in March 2021, after running for twelve episodes and one OVA episode. Back in 2019, there was also the Azur Lane anime series, but most of them actually came from the game series with the same name.

Azur Lane Slowly Ahead Season 2: Status of Renewal

The majority of viewers gave this episode a positive or neutral review. It received the same response from critics. Thus, the reception to this anime is arguably positive enough to warrant a second viewing. Additionally, the show is popular, but not particularly so. Furthermore, the production firm retains some content from the 4-Koma manga for Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2. Thus, the chances of the anime’s second season occurring are reasonable but not extremely high. If demand for the sequel increases, it is likely to receive another run.

However, there are a few reasons why this anime will never return. To begin, the first season already includes a satisfactory and conclusive epilogue. Additionally, the profit earned by the publisher from this anime was not substantial. As a result, there was minimal likelihood of this anime returning. The third reason is that the publisher has yet to announce the next season, despite the fact that this anime was recently released. Finally, as we all know, anime shows are typically created to popularise the underlying content. In this case, they had previously done so, and continuation of the series was not required.

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2: When Will It Be Released?

It’s difficult to anticipate when this show will premiere prior to its formal renewal. If the production company approves it this year, the show will very certainly return in one year. Thus, assuming this occurs, fans can anticipate the release of Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2 before the end of 2022.

Azur Lane Slow Ahead Season 2 When Will It Be Released

Slow Ahead Azur Lane Season 1: Recap Story

The anime chronicles the adventures of four young women who are the characters of the Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin game. It’s another show with adorable female leads. It is devoid of plot. The show features a good deal of fanservice, and earlier episodes featured some ecchi fanservice as well. The series did, however, showcase a distinct side to several of its characters. Each episode is only eight minutes long.

Slow Ahead Azur Lane Season 1 Recap Story

As a result, the filmmakers were unable to build a compelling plot due to the film’s brevity. Additionally, Azur Lane’s animation and background music are rather standard. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t very memorable either. The same is true for the entirety of the anime series. As we know, this anime is primarily centred on a fighting game, there are few tales. It was primarily from studios, publishers, and other sources that brought this anime to life.

Slow Ahead Azur Lane Season 2 Plot

Many years ago, humans were enthralled with ocean exploration. As a result, a fight for supremacy on the water erupted. A new adversary has emerged from the outside, posing a threat to all of humanity. They were known as Sirens.

Sirens possessed cutting-edge technology, which enabled them to easily conquer the Earth’s watery expanses. However, people were adamant about not giving up. The multinational alliance “Azur Lane” was formed, consisting of four of the world’s most powerful nations: Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood, and Sakura Empire. The adversary had been defeated.
After a while, the base begins to fill with the best forces of Eagle Union and the Royal Navy. This base is strategically significant since it has the potential to become the front line of battle. As a result, it requires substantial reinforcement and protection. Contradictions between the four parties manifest themselves — this is self-evident. Everyone has a unique perspective on the battle, which has resulted in the division of the alliance’s members into two groups.Slow Ahead Azur Lane Season 2 Plot

The Eagle Union and the Royal Navy formed a coalition against the Iron Blood and the Sakura Empire. If the first friends utilised simply human forces to battle the Sirens, the others went farther — they utilised the Sirens’ latest technologies. Military attacks are becoming a certainty…

Main characters

Humanity has created something unique that can protect the world from Sirens. Girls are endowed with the power of warships:

  • Enterprise/The Big E – aircraft carrier
  • Cleveland – light cruisers
  • Prince of Wales – battleship
  • Illustrious – aircraft carriers
  • Unicorn – light aircraft carrier
  • Ayanami – Fubuki-class destroyers
  • Javelin – J-class destroyer
  • Laffey – Benson-class destroyer
  • Kaga – aircraft carrier
  • Akagi – aircraft carrier

Trailer of Season 2

As we previously stated, season 2 will premiere in late 2022, we currently do not have any information on the season 2 trailer. Let’s have a peek at the season 1 trailer.

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