Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date Status Updates: Will There Be A New Season?


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The first season of Runway de Waratte was quite good, and fans immediately demanded Season 2 of Smile Down The Runway. According to the concept, the majority of viewers would presume that Smile Down The runway is an anime about fashion and other connected subjects. However, there is much more to it. Apart from the fashion-related themes, Smile Down The Runway is an inspirational storey about two characters who are motivated to overcome obstacles and inspiring people who strive tirelessly to follow their aspirations.

Downward Smirk The Runway, alternatively known in Japanese as Runway de Waratte, is a slice-of-life anime drama series. It is based on Kotoba Inoya’s manga of the same name, which was published from 2017 to 2021. The manga was adapted into an anime by Nobuyoshi Nagayama’s Ezo’la animation company. The premiere of Smile Down The Runway took place in January 2020. It concluded its twelve-episode run on March 28 of the following year. Since then, fans have been expecting the show’s continuation. Thus, will they ever get to see the show’s second season?

Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Release Date

Smile down the runway, or Runway de Warrate as we may refer to it, has only released its first season, which consists of 12 well-written and beautifully animated episodes. The anime premiered on 10th January 2020 and was streamed until March 28 of the same year. Though no information has been received from the makers regarding its renewal for season 2, judging by the anticipation of the fans, it is safe to assume that the makers intend to release the second season in 2023 as well.

Smile Down The Runway’s storyline

Smile Down The Runway’s narrative revolves around who? Fujito Chiyuki is the show’s female heroine. She is the daughter of a well-known owner of modelling business. Fujito aspires to be a fashion model. She is ideal for this career since she has a good body, she is hungry to be a fashion model, and, most importantly, she comes from a family that can support her.

However, as the novel progresses, she discovers that she has not attained the necessary height to be a fashion model, and she enters a demotivated phase. However, this phase is brief as she meets Tsumura Ikuto. Tsubasa is a gifted fashion designer who has not yet reached his potential and is fighting to do so. Both of their imperfectly perfect personalities gel and they set out to make a name for themselves in the fashion world.

Season 1 Recap of Smile Down The Runway

Runway de Waratte is a slice of life anime that focuses entirely on the fashion world. It features high-quality animation and an engaging storyline. The storey follows two main characters, Chiyuki Fufito and Ikuto Tsumaru, who both have dreams but face numerous obstacles along the way. Chiyuki is the daughter of the owner of a modelling agency; despite her good looks, she is only 158cm tall, which serves as a significant impediment to her dreams. On the other hand, we witness Ikuto pursuing his dream of becoming a fashion designer despite his financial constraints.

Season 1 Recap of Smile Down The Runway

We soon see a chance open up for Ikuto when Hazime Yanagida recognises his ability and offers him a part-time work. Chiyuki’s father also invites Yukito to be her partner, as they are classmates and he wants Chiyuku to pursue her ambitions. We also meet Kokoro Hasegawa, a quiet but famous model whose partner is Toh Ayano, a prodigy fashion designer who views Ikuto as a rival. Chiyuki’s aspirations are sometimes mocked, but she and Ikuto are determined to work hard and realise them.

Characters From Smile Down The Runway

  • Chiyuki Fujito possessed an incredible growth rate as a youngster. However, after ten years, the girl ceased to develop, reaching a height of approximately 158 cm. Chiyuki’s acceptance of her physique did not bring her serenity, because her entire life’s ambition was to become a model. Disappointments engulfed the young lady one after the other. She eventually learned to accept herself as her nature had formed her.
  • Ikuto Tsumura, a friend of Chiyuki’s, is the sole member of the stitching school. In his vast family, he is the eldest son. He was willing to give up a great deal for the wellbeing of his cherished relatives, including his dream of becoming a fashion designer. Ikuto is fresh to fashion, yet nature has imbued him with enormous promise. Ikuto sees meeting Chiyuki as a chance to pursue his dream of becoming a designer.

Characters From Smile Down The Runway

  • Kokoro Hasegawa, a student fashion designer, also works as a model due to her height of 181 cm. Previously, the girl was quite shy and insecure due to her rapid growth. However, as she grows older, experience, understanding, and self-acceptance come to her. Kokoro returns to Japan after studying in Paris. Now she is required to work alongside a young yet talented crew — Toh Ayano, Chiyuki Fujito, and Ikuto Tsumura.

Smile Down The Runway Season 2 Trailer

After such an incredible debut season and a massive fan base that is constantly clamouring for season 2, we can only wait. If you haven’t seen the first season, go check out the trailer right now.

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