Why Viewers Of “90 Days” Assume Yara Is Looking To Divorce With Jovi

Fans of the show 90 Day Fiancé believe Yara has been talking about leaving Jovi. All of this is a direct result of a recent episode of Happily Ever After in which she appeared to be making plans for her life apart from him. It was obvious from the moment they met that the two did not have the same viewpoints on any topic.

The moment she landed in New Orleans after traveling all the way from the Ukraine, she proceeded to criticize the city and everything about it. Now that people can see what she is doing, they can see that she is looking to her own future, but it doesn’t appear that she is leaving any place for Jovi in that future.

Even with only a cursory examination of the relationship, it appears that the two constantly put themselves first, rather than the two of them together as a unit. People believe that Yara wants to leave Jovi behind for this reason, in addition to the many other reasons they have.

In addition to that, it seems as though she would like to be in Prague, where she may be nearer to her friends and family. The fact that Jovi is never around since she is always traveling for work is something that is difficult for her to accept. The fact that she wanted to look at flats without notifying him revealed everything that was important for followers to know about the situation. It is highly likely that she has already started moving away from you.

Why Viewers Of 90 Days Assume Yara Is Looking To Divorce With Jovi
Why Viewers Of 90 Days Assume Yara Is Looking To Divorce With Jovi

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Fans of 90 Day Fiancé think Yara Divorce Jovi

“Happily Ever After season 7 has shown Yara and Jovi’s marriage in a rocky place, as Jovi insulted Yara’s post-baby body, and made it clear that he misses his partying days as a bachelor. “Happily Ever After season 7 has shown Yara and Jovi’s marriage in a rocky place, as Jovi insulted Yara’s post-baby body. When Yara received her Green Card in the mail, she was happy because it meant that she would finally be able to visit Prague and meet Mylah’s mother there.

Yara had been looking forward to this moment for a long time. It had been more than two years since the child’s maternal grandma had last seen her. Yara’s struggles to cope with the war in her own country are understandable, and she has been very vocal about how much more at ease she feels in Europe.

Her mother shared with her that she was interested in going apartment hunting with her so that they could discuss the possibility of Yara spending many months in Prague with Mylah. Then, she would be able to reunite with her friends and family members who had been uprooted. The thread regarding Yara was started by the user u/Midnightartist87, who wrote that she “makes plans like a divorced single mom with sole custody.”

90 Day Fans of Fiancé believe that Yara had considered quitting Jovi. The two spend very little time really conversing with one another. Even when they do spend time together, they are not exactly the most affectionate of couples even when they do so.

There are moments when it seems as though they are simply putting up with one another. But as of right now, all the discussion about whether or not she is going to leave him is nothing more than speculation among admirers.

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