Who Is Travis Kelce’s Girlfriend? What All Fans Should Need To Know!


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Who is Kayla Nicole, besides the girlfriend of Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs? The NFL star and his beautiful girlfriend have a fantastic story to tell. Who is Kayla, though? Let’s talk in detail about Kayla Nicole’s life, including her past, present, and path to get there.

Who Is Travis Kelce’s Girlfriend, Kayla Nicole?

Travis Kelce is a well-known player in the National Football League. Kelce is a famous NFL tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl this year. He has been named to the Pro Bowl six times.

Kelce is known not only for what he has done in his field but also for how he treats women outside of work. Especially in his current relationship with Kayla Nicole, who he has dated on and off for a long time.

Something More Before Ending The Post!

Kayla Nicole’s birthday is November 1st, 1991, and she was born (which makes her a Scorpio). Kayla Nicole has a history in the media and has spent significant time contributing to the sports media environment over the past several years. It should be no surprise that this dog enthusiast plasters her Instagram feed with pictures of her cherished pets.

According to the reports, Kayla Nicole describes herself as an “on-camera host” and has worked for publications such as-

  • NBA
  • BET
  • Global Grind
  • HotNewHipHop
  • XONecole
  • All Def Digital
  • Ballislife.com
There are rumors that Kayla Nicole has also worked for the Los Angeles Lakers as a court-side reporter for the team. According to some reports, she has also held the production assistant position for CBS Radio (New York).
who is travis kelce dating
The woman dating Travis Kelce has been in a few beauty pageants. And she has some pretty impressive accomplishments to her name. This includes Miss California’s Top 20 in 2013, Miss Malibu’s First Runner-Up in 2013, Miss Southern Coast Regional’s Second Runner-Up in 2012, and Miss Malibu’s Third Runner-Up in 2012. She has also been a model for the always-popular Savage x Fenty brand.

Nicole went to Pepperdine University and got her degree. Pepperdine University is known as one of the best schools in the country. It is in Malibu, California. Kayla has worked in the media and as a model, in addition to majoring in broadcast journalism. She is now known as an influencer whose Instagram is open to partnerships.

Becoming Travis Kelce Girlfriend

Travis was on the reality show Catching Kelce on E! Entertainment Television for a short time in 2016. On the reality dating show, women from all 50 states tried to win his heart. Maya Benberry was chosen as the winner, but the couple was only together for a short time. After the show was over, he started going out with Kayla Nicole.

Meeting Travis

It’s not a secret how Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole met. This famous couple met on Instagram. Their story is a rom-com from the 1990s, but with a modern twist.

In 2017, the NFL player did what some successful single men do: he followed the model/anchor on Instagram. Nicole said in an Instagram post, “He Instagram stalked me.” “I did him. “That’s it.”

In May 2017, Travis and Kayla told everyone that they were dating. They did this at Jeremy Maclin’s wedding to Adia Kuzma, who he used to play with on the Chiefs. But after three years, the couple broke up for a short time.

TMZ took a screenshot of the Super Bowl winner’s tweet. He talked about a rumor that said he had been unfaithful to his ex-girlfriend. The now-deleted tweet says, “NFL player Travis Kelce’s girlfriend LEAVES him after he got caught with Becky.”

Travis vehemently denied the rumors and said that cheating was not why they broke up. But Kelce and Nicole were still missing something. Kayla’s Instagram page looked like things weren’t going well between them. Kayla Nicole made it clear that they were no longer together by deleting all of their photos and videos.

Travis Kelce and the Chiefs didn’t get back together until 2020 after they won the AFC Championship Game. But, by November 2020, they had made up and were back together. Since then, they have been together.

What is Kayla Doing Now?

Today, the couple is often talked about on celebrity gossip sites because they constantly fight and clap on Twitter. Fans have said hurtful things about Kayla’s clothes and the money she has gotten from fans.

Kayla seemed to say on her Instagram story that she couldn’t afford designer clothes. This made people wonder if Kelsey helped Kayla get more out of her dollar. Kayla said in a now-deleted post that, based on his tweets, it was hard for her to buy clothes from Zara. She talked about how Instagram influencers could buy many designer items without going bankrupt in a few more videos.

Many people thought Travis Kelce was being cheap with his girlfriend, which led to some of this trouble. Kelce had just signed a deal with the Chiefs for 57 million dollars in 2020. And he had been going out with Kayla for a long time. On the other hand, critics thought his girl was still struggling while her man was wealthy and successful.


The New York Post says that in January 2021, Nicole played “True or False” with her Instagram followers.

“False,” was her answer when asked if she was ready to become a parent. But I’m prepared to be a wife. COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH.” The Internet says that Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole may be getting married soon. Since the rumors haven’t been put to rest, it seems likely that they will get married soon.

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