Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating
Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating In 2022? Know More About His Current Relationship Status

Lexi Rivera, sometimes known as Alexa Brooke Rivera, is a well-known Instagrammer and a well-known social media personality in the United States. She’s also a big social media sensation and a big video star on the internet.

he also has a self-titled Instagram account. She posts interesting videos and attractive pictures on her account that led her to fame. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel.

Lexi Rivera is 20 years old as of April 2021, having been born on June 7, 2001. She was born and reared in a middle-class family in the United States, in Huntington Beach. She is known to be of American nationality and to follow the Christian faith.

She went to a local Huntington Beach school in California to finish her education.
She has not yet applied to any of the universities. She has always been more interested in dancing than in academics since she was a child. She competes in numerous tournaments and has put in a lot of effort.

Lexi Rivera’s Dating History:

Is Lexi Rivera married or unmarried? In 2021, she is not married. There’s no doubting that she’s had romantic relationships with a number of celebrities. Here’s a look at her dating history.

Ben Azelart

In the 2010s, Alexa and Ben began dating. They first met in 2017, and it took them six months to talk. Later on, though, they became great friends. They were the hottest duo on the internet at the time, and their fans adored them. Because they were both social media celebrities, rumours of their dating emerged when they were frequently featured on one other’s YouTube channels.

The rumour turned out to be genuine, despite the fact that it was only guesswork. They were also always tagging each other on social media. They suited up in black heavenly attire for Halloween in October 2020. They also collaborated on a number of sketches.

Lexi Rivera And Ben Azelart

Is Lexi and Ben still dating? They aren’t, no. Relationships usually have one thing in common: they either work out or they don’t. In November 2020, they announced their separation.

The news came as a huge disappointment to many.

Andrew Davila

As of 2021, Alexa is connected to Andrew Davila, an electronics star and YouTuber. Fans believe Lexi and Andrew are dating after she published a video with Andrew and Ben titled MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND. In the video, she reportedly pranked her ex, Ben Azelart, into thinking she and Andrew were dating. She hasn’t confirmed if they’re dating or not.

Lexi Rivera And Andrew Davila

Lexi Rivera’s dating life has remained under the radar since Ben’s death. Instead, she concentrates on providing more information to her followers on social media. Her relationship with Andrew, on the other hand, has piqued the interest of her fans.

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Who Is Lexi Rivera dating?

According to our records, Lexi Rivera is presently single.

On June 7, 2001, the Instagram Star was born in California. Brent Rivera’s sister, who is also a social media and web video sensation, is a social media sensation in her own right. Her Instagram account, lexibrookerivera, has over 460,000 followers.

Lexi Rivera is not dating anyone as of 2022. Lexi is a 20-year-old woman. Lexi Rivera has at least one past relationship, according to CelebsCouples. She has never been married before


Lexi Rivera’s popularity has recently risen over the internet, causing people to be curious about Lexi Rivera’s boyfriend. Since the Chinese app TikTok became popular around the world, social media influencers have seized the chance. Some powerful people have content that deserves to be seen, heard, and loved. Every day, more users join TikTok, and the app is constantly updated with new and interesting content. Lexi Rivera, our subject, is an example of someone who becomes a “social media star” before the age of 20.

Lexi Rivera is a well-known YouTube celebrity who is also Brent Rivera’s sister. She began her social media experience as a YouTuber, where she will have her own channel and a significant following.

Meanwhile, the majority of her videos include her elder brother, Brent, who is also the reason why so many people watch them. Lexi Rivera has always been interested in acting and entertainment. She did, however, want to establish herself to the point that the general public knew her name and occupation.

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