Who Is Bad Bunny Dating?
Who Is Bad Bunny Dating?

Who Is Bad Bunny Dating? 100% Real Information About his Girlfreind Gabriela Berlingeri!

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, record producer, actor, and wrestler who goes by the stage name Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio. His music has been categorized as Latin trap and reggaeton, but he has also integrated rock, bachata, and soul into his sound.

Born: 10 March 1994 (age 28 years), Almirante Sur, Puerto Rico
Height: 1.8 m
Award: List of awards and nominations received by Bad Bunny
Nationality: American, Puerto Rican
SiblingsBernie Martínez Ocasio, Bysael Martínez Ocasio

Gabriela Berlingeri is a Puerto Rican musician who is regarded as a small celebrity. She is also the current partner of ‘Bad Bunny,’ a well-known singer.

She is also active on the social media platforms such as Instagram, where she goes by the handle @badgaab_.

Born: December 29, 1993

  1. The singer currently dates to be 26 years old and her sun sign is Capricorn.
  2. Gabriela spent her childhood in Puerto Rico and was raised in a loving and caring environment by her parents.
  3. The singer is a graduate of the Universidad Sagrado Corazón.
  4. Gabriela is currently in a relationship with the singer named ‘Bad Bunny’ who also happens to be a famous Puerto Rican singer.
  5. Although the real name of her boyfriend is still unknown, his stage name ‘Bad Bunny’ is quite famous on social media sites.
  6. The singer seems to be quite active on social media sites like Instagram under the name @badgaab_.
  7. Gabriela is of tall stature and has a slender body. However, the details on her body measurements still remains a mystery.

The singer has just started to gain prominence in the music industry of Puerto Rico. In the coming days, she is sure to build her net worth up to a 6 figure number.

Bad Bunny’s Girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri Relationship Status:

In just a few months, Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri, a Puerto Rican rapper, have gone from mystery to #relationshipgoals.

Bad Bunny disclosed more about his partnership in the spring while advertising his recent records on Instagram—YHLQMDLG and Las Que No Iban a Salir—and on the May 2020 cover of Stones Stone, where all of the images, including some intimate moments between the couple, were photographed by Berlingeri.

Bad Bunny And Gabriela Berlingeri
Bad Bunny And Gabriela Berlingeri

Berlingeri remarked, “I wanted to showcase all of my favourite things about him.” “I want people to pay attention to his lips.” His epidermis. His gaze. “I think he’s stunning.”

Berlingeri wasn’t used to being in front of the camera. Noah Assad, Bad Bunny’s manager, told Rolling Stone that she took several of the singer’s Instagram photos.

Bad Bunny said of his decision to make his romance public, “I am delighted with her.” “[People] don’t realise how much she has helped me emotionally when I needed it the most.”

Since then, the couple has been the subject of engagement and even marriage rumours. Neither has been confirmed, but one thing is certain: the couple is head over heels in love.

Here’s everything else you need to know about Berlingeri and their relationship.

Berlingeri and Bad Bunny first started dating in 2017.

Bad Bunny said he spoke to Berlingeri while eating with his family at a restaurant after singing at a show for dance music duo Zion and Lennox in April 2017 in a Rolling Stone interview. (That same month, Bad Bunny and his five-year girlfriend Carliz de la Cruz called it quits.)

This backs up the sleuthing done by Bad Bunny fans before the duo made their relationship public. They discovered images of Berlingeri at the concert, as well as footage of him singing with a woman in San Juan who was playing his song “Soy Peor” on a ukulele. Gabriela was thought to be the woman in the red shirt by fans.

Berlingeri used to tweet about how much she appreciated Bad Bunny’s music before they started dating. “Bad bunny’s girls bio is’me gusta seeing The Office and escuchar reggaeton,” a fan tweeted on March 9. “I can’t help but stan a terrible b***h.”

Bad Bunny is a Pisces, whereas Gabriela is a Capricorn, and in his song “Bye Me Fui,” he even implies that the two zodiac signs don’t mix. However, in an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer confessed that he does not believe that.

He explained, “I just [composed it] in a sad moment.” “For genuine, she and I have fantastic chemistry.”

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