Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now
Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now

Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now? What Happened to the Missing Woman?

Was Brenda Lazaro allegedly shot Jonathan Crews while he slept in Coppell, Texas, in 2014? The Crews family allegedly accused Lazaro of murder in the same year, according to Axios.

Even after Lazaro insisted that Crews was innocent, they insisted she did not commit suicide. What precisely happened, then? A new Dateline special retelling Jonathan’s tale will appear on April 7, 2023.

Was Lazaro responsible for shooting Crews? Is it true that he committed suicide? What became of Lazaro? What is known about it is as follows.

Who is Brenda Lazaro?

When Brenda Lazaro was Jonathan’s girlfriend’s boyfriend, she gained notoriety. At his own house, he was slain. Lazaro was present and appears to be the lone eyewitness to the incident. Dispatchers heard her crying and expressing amazement as she called 911.

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She screamed in response to the dispatcher’s attempts to calm her down and elicit information from her, but she refused to stop and provided only hazy details of what had happened.

On February 2, 2014, at about 11:30 p.m., the discussion took place. Crews’ family initially believed that he had committed suicide, but they eventually discovered he had been murdered.

Brenda inevitably rose to the top suspect role once Jonathan’s death was made public. After Jonathan’s alleged suicide, his family brought a lawsuit for wrongful death against his fiancée, alleging that she killed him out of jealousy and that Jonathan committed suicide.

Where is Brenda Lazaro Now? What Happened With Her?

Brenda Lazaro is now Brenda Kelly after changing her name after getting married. The Crews family filed a civil lawsuit against Kelly after Jonathan’s passing, claiming that Kelly murdered Jonathan out of jealousy.

According to the Axios article, Brenda wasn’t even accused of a crime. Yet, her testimony in the civil trial could be used against her in the criminal case. In 2022, Kelly cited her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to refuse to respond to any inquiries from the legal representative for the Crews family.

Kelly was alleged to have struggled with jealousy all through their relationship. According to Crews’ legal team, the day before he passed away, Crews told his friends that he planned to pack Kelly’s belongings and end the relationship.

Where Is Brenda Lazaro Now

Crews was shot and found dead in his bed on February 2, 2014. Kelly claimed following Crews’ suicide that he did it to show Kelly his devotion.

According to the Dallas Morning News, local investigators could not determine if Crews’ death resulted from a suicide or homicide. But Jonathan’s family was never really convinced that he had killed himself.

In 2022, Brenda was convicted guilty of killing Crews during a three-day civil trial. After deliberating and deciding on Crews’s death, the jury awarded the family $206 million in damages.

A two-hour Dateline special titled “Beyond Door 813” (Crews’ apartment number) will air on April 7, 2023, telling the story of Crews’ life.

Pam Crews, Jonathan’s mother, reportedly simply wanted his death’s circumstances to be made clear. A happy Pam said after the trial, “I just wanted the record clear for Jonathan. On April 7 at 9 p.m. EDT in 2023, NBC will broadcast Dateline: Behind Door 813.

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