War Thunder Leak

War Thunder Leak: Player Shares Classified Documents For DA7 Jet!

Someone who plays War Thunder posted the Eurofighter Typhoon DA7’s flight manual on the game’s public forums because they want the plane to be playable.

“This is a 730-page manual for the DA7 that contains EVERYTHING on all the systems, weaponry, flight data, etc.,” explained the player in the deleted post (via PC Gamer). “I hope this data will help the devs to add this magnificent jet faster and make it as accurate as possible! Can’t wait to fly it in the game.”

The player was then told by a moderator, “Do not post the DA7 manuals.” The moderator also said that it is against the rules to share classified papers on the War Thunder forums.

You can check out A screenshot of the conversation, in the Tweet given below:

This policy is actually explained in a sticky thread at the top of the forum’s home page, so the player would have ignored the obvious warning not to do what they did.

To be clear, this person found the guidebook on their own, added it to the game because they thought it would be helpful, and did not steal it from their workplace. That makes it different from other War Thunder leaks in the past, where players disagreed about how accurate different military weapons were.

War Thunder Leak

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Clint Smith, the chief legal officer of Discord, said in a blog post on Friday that “classified military intelligence documents pose a significant, complex challenge for Discord as they do for other online platforms,”

Smith said there is no “structured process” for the government to tell sites like Discord when they have classified information. Discord is working with the government.

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