Nintendo Switch Leaks

Nintendo Switch Leaks Hint At A Powerful Console Upgrade!

Nintendo hasn’t said for sure that a new version of the Switch device is coming soon, but a recent leak may mean that it is. There are more and more reports about the next Nintendo console after the best-selling Nintendo Switch.

Some exciting new leaks this week hinted that Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be a launch title for the Switch 2 (or whatever Nintendo decides to call it). The game runs just as well on the new hardware as it does on PlayStation 5. This post contains information regarding Nintendo Switch Leaks.

Nintendo Switch Leaks

A YouTube account called Yanko Design put up a picture of what the Switch 2 might look like a few weeks ago. In this movie, a sleek design and updated joy-cons were shown. Some users think the new joy-cons look “dumb,” while others like how the home and screenshot buttons are the same size and shape. Also, it’s thought that the Switch 2 will have an 8-inch LCD screen instead of an OLED screen like the original.

The Switch 2 Could Have As Much Power As A Ps5

People have said that the Switch 2 will work the same way as the first models and will still be able to change from a handheld to a home device easily. It has also been said that game disks will still work with the Switch 2, or whatever it will be called. Some people think that the next Nintendo system will have magnetic attachments, but it’s not clear how they will be used.

Most of the new information comes from a post on Reddit by the famous poker player “I’m a Hero Too,” who has made some big claims about the Switch 2. He also provided leaks about Final Fantasy X. Check it out below.

They have said that the machine will have a new cartridge and a “new camera feature.” This last claim isn’t very clear, but some people think it means the Switch 2 will have a built-in camera lens that can be used to take pictures. This wouldn’t be the first time a Nintendo device used camera technology, since both the Nintendo DSi (2008) and the Nintendo 3DS (2011) had something similar.

Nintendo Switch Leaks

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Backward compatibility could be one of the most exciting things about the Switch 2. Nintendo hasn’t always made it easy for people to play games they bought for older systems on other devices. At the moment, “I’m a Hero Too” confirms that this feature is being tried on a few games. Those who want to upgrade won’t have to give up access to their Switch files if this is true.

The same Reddit user also said that Square Enix, the company that makes the Final Fantasy series, has already gotten development kits for the Switch 2. So, people have thought that a Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come out when the system does. People have even said that the next Switch will have specs that can run high-end games easily and make it as powerful as the PlayStation 5.

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