Ukrainians Emotional Reactions To Zelensky Historic Trip To The Nation’s Capital

Wednesday’s speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the US Capitol, in which he thanked the US for its help, was a historical moment that hit home with people in his own country.

CNN talked to people in Ukraine to find out how they felt about Zelensky’s visit and how US lawmakers treated him. One woman said that the moment made her shed “tears.” Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, this was Zelensky’s first trip outside Ukraine. He used the chance to thank the most influential Western ally for its help and to ask for more help. “Against all odds, and doom and gloom scenarios, Ukraine didn’t fall. Ukraine is alive and kicking,” Zelensky said.

The Kremlin was angry about his trip, and a Kremlin spokesperson said that neither US Vice President Joe Biden nor Zelensky showed a “potential willingness to listen to Russia’s concerns.” Moscow said that the US giving Patriot missile systems to Ukraine would prolong people’s “suffering,” Russia’s foreign ministry said that Kyiv and its Western allies are “set for a long confrontation with Russia.” People in Ukraine were moved by what their leader said, though.

“He Was Telling The Truth”

Mariya Hrachova, in charge of marketing in Kyiv, told CNN that Zelensky’s speeches always move her and that Wednesday was no different. “He didn’t wear a suit when he spoke to the House of Representatives. He was himself,” she said. “I respect that he told the truth and said what he wanted and needed to say.”

Hrachova said that the way he was treated was “very touching.” She also said that the visit was successful because it “brought back weapons and hundreds of millions of dollars in aid,” even though more will be needed.

“We know that number will need to go up,” Hrachova said. “I know that the American establishment has different ideas about the situation in Ukraine and how the US should help Ukraine, but we hope that the majority of the government and Congress will back us.”

Ukrainians Emotional Reactions To Zelensky Historic Trip To The Nation's Capital
Ukrainians Emotional Reactions To Zelensky Historic Trip To The Nation’s Capital

“I Was Crying So Hard That My Eyes Hurt”

Tetyana Vasylivna, a fruit vendor in Kyiv, was equally pleased with Zelensky’s trip to Washington. It appears to me that this visit will bring the end of the conflict closer,” said Vasylivna, originally from Kherson. “It seems to me that this visit will bring the end of the war closer.” “I believe this journey will benefit us in achieving victory.”

She expressed her emotions by saying, “When I see in such a good way that he (Zelensky) was greeted, I got tears in my eyes.” I am at a loss for words to adequately express how impressed I am with how he performs his duties as President.

The ‘ineffectiveness’ Of Global Institutions

Oleksandr Kuzmenko, who works in computer graphics in Kyiv, stated that it was essential for US lawmakers to hear about the situation in Ukraine directly from the President of Ukraine rather than from a third party. Kuzmenko was speaking about the importance of US lawmakers hearing about the situation in Ukraine.

According to Kuzmenko, “I’d say he put across what he wanted to communicate well, both in terms of messaging and choreography.” It was an effective method for bringing attention to all of the locations and requesting weaponry.

Kuzmenko has stated that he agrees with Zelensky’s direct messages and feels the Russian invasion has demonstrated the deficiencies of the various global organizations now in place. “The current infrastructure for international security is ineffective, and we are the reason it needs to be rebuilt because of our sacrifice,” he added. “We are the reason it needs to be rebuilt because of our sacrifice.”

“If we let it pass, it won’t be us having to sort… out this mess. It will be for our children and grandchildren,” Kuzmenko continued. “If we let it pass, it will be for our children and grandchildren.”

The Visit Demonstrates The United States’ “Commitment”

Oleksandr Solonko, a Ukrainian serviceman who is now stationed in Bakhmut, stated that even though he could not view Zelensky’s speech in Washington, he believes the visit was successful.

“Visits of this nature do not take place by chance. “This is an indication of the commitment of the United States and that we will continue to be supported,” he added. “For us, this is evidence of the commitment of the United States.”

“We, the military, are doing our job, and we expect our government to make progress toward procuring the required weaponry and other means to help us drive the occupiers from our territory,” the military said. “We are doing our thing.” According to Solonko, this is also a component of “the metaphorical struggle.”

“In addition to the military cooperation and economic backing, what will happen behind the scenes of the visit is also interesting,” he said. “What will happen behind the scenes of the meeting?” It is very likely that a significant number of additional topics need to be discussed between the officials of our countries.

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