Resolution To Audit Ukraine Aid Funding Is Introduced By Marjorie Taylor Greene
Resolution To Audit Ukraine Aid Funding Is Introduced By Marjorie Taylor Greene

Resolution To Audit Ukraine Aid Funding Is Introduced By Marjorie Taylor Greene

On Thursday, Republicans in the House of Representatives who are opposed to providing the United States with aid to Ukraine while that country is at war with Russia introduced a privileged resolution to audit the money that have been authorised by Congress.

The resolution is being driven by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga), who has the support of a number of other Republican members. Legislators in the House and Senate who are on both sides of the aisle who are in favour of maintaining U.S. assistance to Ukraine have referred to their colleagues who disagree as belonging to a minority fringe.

However, the resolution, which calls for the preservation of administration documents and communications related to the distribution of funding for Ukraine, speaks to other criticisms that have been voiced by some Republican lawmakers. These lawmakers support providing assistance to Ukraine, but they believe that there should be a greater level of oversight.

More than $20 billion in military support has been delivered to Kyiv by the administration of Vice President Joe Biden, in addition to around $10 billion in humanitarian assistance and over $13 billion in economic assistance. In addition, Vice President Biden has requested that the United States Congress allocate an additional $37.7 billion for Ukraine.

McCarthy had later attempted to clarify his views by stating that he backed U.S. assistance to Ukraine but was in favour of tighter oversight. He had said this in response to criticism that he had received for his initial statements.

Greene stated that she had contacted the leader of the Republican Party to let them know that she would be introducing the resolution. “I said, ‘I’m having a press conference at 4,’ and he said, ‘OK.’”

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