Trey Lance Girlfriend
Trey Lance Girlfriend

Unveiling the Relationship Between Trey Lance and Partner!

One of the most exciting quarterbacks in football right now is Trey Lance. He is positioned to take over as the San Francisco 49ers’ franchise quarterback after being chosen third overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. Lance played in six games as a rookie despite being a depth player behind Jimmy Garoppolo.

Most of the time, his girlfriend, volleyball player Brynn Chandler, watches him play. Since the beginning of their relationship, the couple has been open about it, and Brynn has actively promoted her partner online. Here is everything you need about Brynn Chandler, Trey Lance’s girlfriend.

Trey Lance Girlfriend

Trey Lance’s relationship status is the subject of an exciting narrative. He was once connected to Liv Cowherd, the child of FOX Sports presenter Colin Cowherd. But in July 2021, when Lance and Brynn Chandler shared a photo on social media, that notion was definitively dispelled.

On July 8th of last year, Chander posted a picture of the couple to her Instagram account, officially confirming their relationship. Despite being active on social media, Lance and Chandler have only sometimes talked in-depth about their relationship.

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While Lance made his NFL debut with the San Francisco 49ers this season, Chandler was preoccupied with her projects. Chandler, a few years Lance’s junior, is still a student at the University of Georgia. She’s not only earning her degree in communications studies, but she also plays a vital role for the Bulldogs volleyball team.

Trey Lance Girlfriend

Brynn Chandler is not well known, yet there are some intriguing details. She is finishing her final year of college in San Diego, California. Football fans will find her past fascinating as well. Chris Chandler, a quarterback who played in the NFL for 17 years, is her father.

Despite not choosing to pursue a football career herself, she has ties to the NFL that go back several generations. Chandler’s grandfather and father both played quarterback in the NFL. See the Instagram post related to NFL:

In the 1998 season, he guided the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl, where they fell to the Denver Broncos. However, Chandler’s father is not the only one with an athletic gene. Diane Brodie, her mother, was a tennis player at the University of Southern California.

Chandler’s grandpa, John Brodie, was the quarterback for the 49ers from 1957 to 1973. Chandler started playing volleyball at a young age but didn’t devote much time to it until high school.

Before going to college, when she walked on with the Bulldogs, Chandler led two teams to the USA Junior Nationals during her prep career and received Third-Team All-American recognition. In Chandler’s three seasons in Athens, she has been an SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll member.

In addition to her education and volleyball, Chandler has developed a considerable social media following. Approximately 12,000 people follow her on Instagram at the moment. Chandler doesn’t post many photos with Lance, but she’s not afraid to express affection for the 49ers.

Those images are typically saved for her Instagram stories, where she is open about her love life. Lance and Chandler appear to be a dedicated pair, but they only know where this relationship will lead.

Chandler’s grandfather left a lasting impression on the franchise, and Lance is expected to represent its future. Lance can fully integrate into the 49ers family if the two continue to be together.

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