Tony Robbins Children
Tony Robbins Children

Tony Robbins Children: How Many Sons and Daughters Does He Have?

Tony Robins has motivated millions of individuals toward self-fulfillment, love, compassion, and forgiveness through his well-known programs like Unleash Her Power Within, Become Unshakeable Challenge, Business Mastery, and others.

Additionally, he is well-known for writing self-help books including Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power.

His wife, Sage, Bonnie Pearl Humphrey, has been a significant companion in his mission. She co-hosts the Tony Robins podcast with Mary B, adding a personal touch while sharing insightful life lessons and well-researched information.

The personal life of Tony Robins, his marriages, and his kids will all be covered in this article.

Who Is Tony Robins’ Wife, Sage?

Fans of Tony Robins have also praised Sage Robbins for her work as a motivational speaker and podcast host. She worked as a food store clerk before beginning her acting career. In 2001, when she started dαting Tony, she played a Tony Robins fan in the film Shallow Hall.

Tony Robbins Children

During one of his seminars, the two initially ran into one another. John Lynch, a Canadian businessman who was her husband then, said that Tony and Sage were dαting while she was still his wife.

Because the self-help guru used his name and fame to entice his then-wife, he also filed a lawsuit against him for “alienation of affection.”

Later, Tony filed a lawsuit against Lynch, Sage’s ex-husband, and The Vancouver Sun for their roles in publishing an article that blamed him for Lunch and Sage’s divorce.

Lynch and Sage got married in 1992, and they divorced in 1999. Their divorce was granted by the court in 2001. Tony and Sage both refuted his claims.

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Rebecca Jenkins, whom Tony also met during a lecture, was the previous spouse of Tony. They split up in 1998.

Does Tony Robbins Have Kids?

After the couple welcomed their first child in April 2021, the well-known motivational speaker honored his longtime wife Sage Robbins on Mother’s Day for the first time.

On May 10, 2021, he posted a picture on instagram of his wife and their newborn daughter, expressing his appreciation for his wife.

The motivational speaker described his wife as a “force of nature” and said their home was a “divine place” because of her fierce love, brilliance, intuition, wisdom, and elegance. He added that having Sage in their lives was a blessing for him and his family.

He said Mother’s Day was a day to celebrate womanhood, shifting his attention from the new mother to all the moms worldwide.


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He continued by saying that no love compares to a mother’s love. Finally, he wished all mothers a happy Mother’s Day to bring his excellent letter to a close.

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