Omar Michael Jackson Son
Omar Michael Jackson Son

Omar Michael Jackson Son: The Curious Case of Jackson’s ‘Oldest Son’!

The three famous offspring of the late singer, Paris Jackson, Prince Jackson, and Prince Michael II Jackson, are well-known to Michael Jackson fans. The fact that the King of Pop is said to have fathered a fourth kid may surprise many.

Early in the new millennium, rumors spread that Jackson had a “secret son” from a previous union with Debbie Rowe. Omer Bhatti, a rapper, and dancer from Norway, was born in Oslo in 1984.

Bhatti eventually moved to California, where his father purportedly worked as one of Jackson’s drivers and his mother as a nanny for Prince, according to Stacy Brown, a Jackson biographer who formerly served as the family spokesman, as reported by ABC News.

Bhatti sat with Jackson’s other three children during his memorial service 2009, which led to further paternity rumors. In an episode of her Facebook Watch series “Unfiltered,” Paris, 23, raved over her relationship with Bhatti, whom she refers to as her “oldest brother.”

Omar Michael Jackson Son

The allusion may surprise fans who previously believed that Prince, 24, and Prince Michael II (formerly known as Blanket), 19, were the only brothers of Paris.

The father of the Jackson family, Joe Jackson, appeared to affirm that Omer Bhatti was Jackson’s son, which only served to fuel rumors of a hidden Michael Jackson love kid. “Yes, I knew he had another son, yes I did,” Joe told in 2009 in an interview.

“He looks like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson. This boy is fantastic dancer — matter of fact, he teaches dance.”This young man is an excellent dancer he instructs dancing. Jermaine and Rebbie, Michael’s siblings, also voiced concern about Bhatti.

Despite making this claim, Bhatti denies having any biological connection to the Jackson family but claims he is very close to the singer’s other offspring. In an episode of Paris Jackson’s “Unfiltered,” Bhatti remarked,

“I consider myself an older brother because when Prince was born, my mom was hired to be Prince’s nanny, and Paris, I’ve been there since she was a baby.”

If you are interested to know more about this news, then see this tweeter post that MJ-Upbeat shares:

Bhatti continued by saying that even though he is not biologically connected to the late musician Michael Jackson, he has loved him since he was nine. He later remarked that I resembled him in certain ways, Bhatti remembered. “And I ended up going on tour with him. I would have a seat, like, right on stage.”

Bhatti Chooses His Own Course

Omer Bhatti stayed in Los Angeles for a while to work on his music career after Michael Jackon passed away in 2009. The rapper and dancer have several music videos on his official YouTube channel, and suffice it to say, he moves!

Bhatti is still actively pursuing a music career and can be seen on his Instagram account flying back and forth between the United States and Norway. Bhatti’s 2019 track “Meditation” features his Jackson-inspired dance routines.

But it wasn’t an easy move for him to re-enter the public glare after Jackson’s passing. Bhatti stated to the Norwegian journal Vegan Norge in 2021,

I have to say that I do not like the word spotlight, but after being out of the public eye for a while and coming back, I discovered that it was all right, but far from as exciting as it used to be,

“I have gone from always trying to see the end result and the goal, and trying to be somewhere else — to rather focus on being present in the now and enjoying the moment here and now.”

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