Tinx Net Worth
Tinx Net Worth

Tinx Net Worth: How Much Tiktok Star Wealth and Fortune?

Tinx, Christina Najjar, is a well-known American influencer and content creator. Because of her relationship and mental health advice, she has been referred to as “TikTok’s older sister” since she started posting on the platform during the COVID-19 outbreak.

She is well recognized for her “starter packs for rich moms” content, celebrity analysis, and relationship advice. Tinx has always wanted to write and produce content, but she didn’t start there.

She and her brother were raised in London by her Midwesterner parents, where she attended an all-girls school, and professional theater, and gained “global perspective.”

Before working in Gap’s retail management program and enrolling in Parsons’ graduate program in fashion journalism, Tinx studied English at Stanford University. Before the epidemic, she spent her 20s as a freelance writer of lifestyle articles before beginning to make TikToks.

How Much Tinx Net Worth?

Tinx’s net worth is anticipated to be between $1 and $2 million in 2023. Along with a smoothie at Erewhon Market, Tinx introduced a “Tinx bowl” at Chipotle Mexican Grill in the US. As a receptionist, she appeared in the Hôtel Hennes advertisement for H&M in April 2022.

As the internet uncovered “fat-phobic” and “xenophobic” statements from the social media star from 2020, Tinx, the developer of TikTok, became upset.

Tinx Net Worth

Tinx Career

In the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tinx made her TikTok account. A year after opening her performance, she had over a million followers, most of whom were female. She has earned the moniker “older sister” of TikTok thanks to her candor on various subjects, such as d@ting and mental health.

She started to gain fans after posting sketches about celebrity rumors and being in her late 20s. Additionally, she offers “starter packs for rich moms” and marital guidance. She described her work on affluent mothers as “half satire, half aspirational.”

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Everyone hates the wealthy mother, the stereotype anorexic who abstains from carbohydrates and has a $5,000 stroller, but they’ll also admit, “Ooh, I go to the same coffee shop as her.”

It’s the last demographic you may safely insult. In January 2022, she established the “Rich Mom Gear” apparel line under the wealthy mom brand.

At the 11th Streamy Awards, Tinx was nominated for a “Breakout Creator” Streamy Award. The “It’s Me, Tinx” podcast will make its Stitcher Radio debut on February 21, 2022, thanks to a deal Tinx made with Sirius XM.

Starting on March 16, 2022, Tinx will host the weekly radio program “It’s Me, Tinx Live” on Sirius XM Stars and the SXM app. The broadcasts will focus on Tinx’s life, ideas about relationships and popular culture, and suggestions and solutions to listener problems.

Tinx’s divisive tweets reappeared in a Reddit thread in April 2022. The tweets, which primarily targeted Kim Kardashian and other celebrities and were fatphobic and misogynistic, were posted between 2012 and 2020.

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