The Retirement Plan Release Date

What Was The Retirement Plan Release Date? A Tropical Crime Comedy Starring Nicolas Cage!

The Retirement Plan is a crime action-comedy directed and written by Tim Brown, starring Nicolas Cage from National Treasure. The upcoming movie tells the tale of Ashley and Sarah, a young girl, who are compelled to locate Ashley’s father Matt after they encounter some robbers.

Unfortunately, Matt just so happens to reside in the Cayman Islands as a retired beach bum. This action comedy follows Renfield’s previous release and the impending Sympathy for the Devil as Nicolas Cage’s fourth movie this year (excluding his cameo in The Flash).

The character of a retired old man who lives as a vagrant is perhaps one of a kind for the actor, even if we have seen him in various comic action roles, even as an assassin. Therefore, watching is undoubtedly worthwhile, especially if you are a fan of Nic Cage.

So grab your favourite tropical beverage, buckle up, and prepare for a summertime virtual vacation to the warm Cayman Islands. But first, look at our concise and in-depth overview of all we know about the movie The Retirement Plan, including its release date, storyline, cast, and characters.

The Retirement Plan Release Date

On August 25, 2023, The Retirement Plan is scheduled for release in theatres nationwide. The Retirement Plan will only be available for viewing in theatres, so you must do it.

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However, the crime comedy movie may receive a digital distribution in the upcoming months and may be accessible on-demand or on any of the well-known streaming services.

The Retirement Plan Trailer

Imagine Nicolas Cage dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, appearing more glum than The Big Lebowski. Watch the teaser for The Retirement Plan now. The two-minute trailer quickly introduces the plot, letting you know what to expect.

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We find out that Matt’s (Cage) daughter is struggling with some crooks and needs her father’s assistance to safeguard her daughter, Sarah, in short successions of high-speed action scenes. She starts questioning her father’s true identity when she witnesses him fend off the men pursuing her.

When combined, Cage’s skills in humour and action combine to create the height of entertainment. And that’s what The Retirement Plan’s trailer seems to indicate. Even though Ashley’s quest to save her family and learn the truth about her father is undoubtedly the movie’s focus, the vagrant father’s narrative will be its standout moment.

The Retirement Plan Release Date

The Retirement Plan Cast

Tim Brown wrote and helmed the crime action comedy movie. Director-producer for cinema and television, Brown is most known for producing the Blood and Water series and driving films such as 3 Days in Havana, Cradle, Buckley’s Chance, etc. He is also in charge of directing the next movie Snow Diamond and The Retirement Plan.

Along with Andrew Chang-Sang and John Hills, Brown also acts as The Retirement Plan’s executive producer. The film’s producers are William G. Santor, Doug Murray, and Nicholas Tabarrok.

The Retirement Plan is a production of Falling Forward Films and Productivity Media, with music composed by Roger Suen and photography by Mark Irwin. In 2021, The Retirement Plan was filmed on location in the Cayman Islands, so there will be authentic vistas of the stunning Caribbean coastline.

In The Retirement Plan, Nic Cage is joined by a strong cast that includes several well-known actors and actresses. Cage plays Matt, a former assassin who has retired to the stunning Cayman Islands and turned into a beach bum, quietly passing his time until his daughter shows up and asks for assistance.

The following three movies, Cage, is scheduled to appear in our Dream Scenario, Arcadian, and Longlegs, all of which are expected to hit theatres in 2024. He is joined by Twilight star Ashley Greene, who plays his daughter Ashley.

Greene has been in movies including Bombshell, Wrong Place, and horror flicks like Aftermath and Kristy in addition to the Twilight movie series. Sarah, Ashley’s daughter and Matt’s granddaughter is portrayed by young actor Thalia Campbell of Phantom Pups and A Million Little Things fame.

In the role of Donnie, a crime boss who chases down Matt and ruins his tranquil beach existence, Jackie Earle Haley plays the enemy. Haley is best recognized for her role as Freddy Kruger in the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

She has also appeared in Watchmen, All the King’s Men, and Little Children. Ron Perlman, a star of Sons of Anarchy and the Hellboy film series, makes his third appearance in a movie this year as Bobo, Donnie’s lieutenant.

The Instigators and Thug, two prospective crime thriller movies with 2024 release dates, will include Perlman as a supporting character. Joel David Moore, who played Fitzsimmons in Avatar: The Way of Water, is also a member of the cast as one of Donnie’s soldiers.

Along with the rest of the models, Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters, Grace Byers from Empire, Rick Fox from Rise, Lynn Whitfield from Daniel’s Gotta Die, and Dax Ravina from Daniel’s Gotta Die will also play supporting roles.

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