'Terminal List' Author Reacts To Negative Reviews Of Show
'Terminal List' Author Reacts To Negative Reviews Of Show

‘Terminal List’ Author Reacts To Negative Reviews Of Show

The Terminal List, an Amazon series starring Chris Pratt, has received some unfavourable reviews. The author of the novel on which the series is based has responded.

Former Navy SEAL Jack Carr, whose book was released in 2018, made an appearance on Tucker Carlson. Tonight on Friday, host Tucker Carlson brought up how there seems to be a significant divide between how the drama series is received by reviewers and how it is received by average fans. The show, which launched earlier this month and is about Navy SEAL commander James Reese learning more about the events leading up to his battalion being ambushed, has a 95 percent viewer approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes but only a 43 percent critic approval rating.

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Carr seems to imply that politics was to blame when asked for his opinion on the matter. It fits well with what I know about the society and environment in America at the moment, added Carr. It appears to have sparked a number of these critics.

The 95% viewership, audience rating, made it all worthwhile, he continued. We didn’t succeed for the naysayers. We created it for the spectators. We built it so that the Marines, sailors, airmen, and soldiers who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan could sit on the couch and brag about how hard they worked. They worked hard to create something unique and a show that appeals to them. Furthermore, the 95 percent rating confirms that we at least came near.

One reviewer queried what to even call a show like Terminal List, according to Carr, who is an executive producer of the series alongside Pratt and Antoine Fuqua. Carr recited passages from many reviews. The author quipped, “You call that the No. 1 series on Prime Video,” as a result.

Daniel Fienberg, the top television critic for The Hollywood Reporter, compared The Terminal List to a burnt hockey puck, with the same constrained range of flavour and aesthetics, in his review of the show.

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