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Konichiwa! What are the current statuses of my fellow Otakus? I hope you’re all doing well. The animation, created by Shinji Nojima, quickly garnered enormous popularity. I will count you as one if you are reading this. Additionally, if you haven’t seen the anime, oho!! What do you have to lose? After reading the article and perusing the updates, you may stream the season online. The storey, the characters, the plotline, and the art all throbbed in the audience’s hearts.

IMDb gave the anime a 7.7 rating, My Drama List (MAL) gave it a 7.80 rating, and the audience gave it a 4.8 rating; the anime developed a sizable fan base. It’s a really well-known anime that everyone enjoys. If you haven’t seen the anime yet, watch the trailer and then go online to view it. Continue reading if you’ve watched season 1 and are anticipating more updates.

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2
Wonder Egg Priority Season 2

When Will Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Be Released?

Unlike the majority of anime, Wonder Egg Priority is not based on previously published manga. As a result, we cannot state categorically that a second season will be released. The first season concludes with Ai Ohio attempting to rescue Neiru Aonuma from the Egg World, but the outcome of her attempts is unknown. Additionally, we have no idea what transpired between Neiru and Frill in the Egg World during this time period.

Despite the fact that there may be more to explore in this world, CloverWorks may decide not to pursue a second season. Originally, the series was cancelled without airing the final episode. Due to the production team’s inability to complete the eighth episode on time, a recap episode was aired instead.

Neither the show’s producers nor CloverWorks have made any season 2 announcements. While the special episode laid the groundwork for a second season, an OVA, or a feature film, we have heard nothing further about Wonder Egg Priority. Despite its international success, the series is reported to have performed poorly in Japan. Thus, supporting another season may be seen too risky, especially in light of the first’s problems but anything is possible in the wacky world of anime production. Keep your fingers crossed, who knows you may get to see a new season by this year and at the most by early 2023.  

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Plot

Gomen’nasai!! Gomen’nasai hontni! As previously said, the source material is limited. And the news of its upgrade is the same. It’s really tough to discuss the plot. If you’re inquisitive, you can read the manga. However, the anime has a special episode that addresses all of these points. Nonetheless, continue to monitor and read additional updates. Prior to that, if you haven’t seen the anime, whether season 2 is accessible or not is irrelevant. Do watch this anime, which you will undoubtedly appreciate. Do yourself a favour and watch the trailer! Then, watch the show live online.

Voice actors and Characters

Kanata Aikawa’s Ai Ohto is a 14-year-old girl with heterochromia (both eyes differently colored).

Tomori Kusunoki stars as Neiru Aonuma, a 14-year-old girl with extremely contrasting skin tones. Neiru is a fairly quiet person for the most part.

Shuka Sait stars as Rika Kawai, a 14-year-old girl with unusual bleached hair and a pink accent line. She is really candid and does not hesitate to express her opinions about others.

Momoe Sawaki, a 14-year-old girl with a noticeable sign of beauty and a thin frame, is played by Hinaki Yano. She is frequently mistaken for a man and is quite popular with females.

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2

More Details About Wonder Egg Priority

The first season of ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ began on January 13, 2021 and concluded on March 31, 2021 after 12 episodes. Aniplex developed the series in collaboration with Nippon Television and D.N. Dream Partners. Shin Wakabayashi directed the anime, and Shinji Nojima wrote the screenplay. This is all we know about the ‘wonder Egg Priority’ season 2 release date. On June 30, 2021, Nippon Television aired a special episode of the anime. Apart from that, neither the producers nor CloverWorks executives have made any statements regarding the show’s future.

CloverWorks is one of the most well-known animation studios in Japan. Produced television shows such as ‘The Promised Neverland’ and ‘Horimiya.’ However, the studio has come under fire in recent years for the way it has handled several of its goods. While the material in ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ remained of high quality throughout season 1, there were production challenges, the majority of which stemmed from overworked workers.

Trailer of Season 2

As for now the trailer of season 2 is not available, lets’s take a look at the season 1 trailer.

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