Strawberry Moon: Is The Pink Moon Only Visible To The Fortunate Few?
Strawberry Moon: Is The Pink Moon Only Visible To The Fortunate Few?

Strawberry Moon: Is The Pink Moon Only Visible To The Fortunate Few?

On June 14, 2022, the entire planet will see the full Strawberry Moon of June (Tuesday). The moon will appear larger than usual because it will be at perigee, its closest point to Earth in its orbit, at 7.51 am Eastern Daylight Time (5.22 pm IST) on that day.

Supermoons, visible only from Earth, appear larger and brighter to observers on the ground and make for superb nighttime viewing under clear conditions.

On Tuesday, it will be approximately 10% brighter than the ordinary full moon as it comes near 222,238 miles of Earth (almost 16,000 miles closer than its average distance).

When asked, “What is a Strawberry Moon?”

The Strawberry Moon is neither red nor does it resemble a strawberry. The native American tribes have given the full moon its name. The Old Farmer’s Almanac states, “This word (Strawberry Moon) has been used by a number of different peoples, including the Algonquins, the Ojibwe, the Dakota, and the Lakota, to signify the ripening of ‘June-bearing’ strawberries that are ready to be harvested.”

This is the first of three summer supermoons.

The year’s smallest full moon reports that this year’s supermoon will be the year’s lowest full moon, rising only 23.3 degrees above the horizon, confirming NASA’s prediction. This event occurs before the summer solstice on June 21, thus it will be at its lowest point then.”The summer solstice is the zenith of the solar year when the Sun appears directly overhead. Since the moon always appears opposite the sun, a summer solstice full moon will appear quite low in the sky “A NASA handbook has been released, so says.

The American space agency added that this will allow people to use high-quality telescopes to observe the lunar surface in search of craters and mountains.

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In what way may I view it on the internet?

On Tuesday, the full moon will be broadcast live and for free by the Virtual Telescope Project in Ceccano, Italy. Starting at 3:15 pm EDT (12:45 am IST), a live webcast will be broadcast showing the moon in all its glory.

The Year 2022 Full Moon Calendar

Old Farmers’ Almanac predicts there will be six more full moons in 2018:

  • Buck moon, July 13
  • The Sturgeon Moon will appear on August 11.
  • The harvest moon will be seen on September 10.
  • Date: October 9th, Hunter’s Moon
  • Beaver Moon, November 8
  • Dated December 7th: Cold Moon

When and where can you see the Strawberry Moon on June 14?

June is an exceptionally busy month for astronomical happenings. If you were lucky enough to see the uncommon alignment of five planets in a row, you should prepare yourself for another rare sight: the “Strawberry Moon.”

June’s Full Moon, known as the Strawberry Moon, will appear on June 14. The Strawberry Moon, surprisingly, doesn’t resemble a strawberry at all! You read that correctly. According to NASA, the name alludes to a practice in which the Algonquin peoples of North America gave the Full Moon a name related to a particularly plentiful local plant.

Strawberry Moon has been reported by NASA to have several names, including Mead Moon and HoneyMoon. This is because the honey harvest occurs in May. Many couples choose June for their wedding dates, and this coincides with the month’s nickname: Honeymoon.

Vat Purnima is the Hindu celebration held in India on the night of the full moon in June. Married ladies in the states of Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujarat in northern and western India celebrate the event with tremendous fanfare with a focus on ostentatious displays of wealth and status.

The story of Savitri and Satyavan tells of a pious wife who managed to mislead Yama Raj into giving her husband a second chance at life. That’s why February 11th is dedicated to Savitri, the Hindu goddess of music and dance. On this day, wives around the world fast and pray for their husbands’ long lives.

On June 14th, at about 5:22 p.m., the Full Moon will be at its brightest. You can watch it the first night and the next night and it won’t alter at all.

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To what date will the next Full Moon occur?

Throughout the 354 days of the lunar year, 12 Full Moons appear on the Gregorian calendar. There will not be a second Full Moon in 2022 because of the Gregorian calendar’s 365-day cycle. The following Full Moon can be seen in July of 2022. This Full Moon, also called the Buck Moon, will be at its fullest at 2:37 pm.

According to NASA, this supermoon will be the year’s lowest full moon, rising at an angle of only 23.3 degrees above the horizon. Since it occurs before the summer solstice on June 21, it will be at its minimum.

On the summer solstice, the Sun is at its zenith, or highest point in the sky. In a guide, NASA explained that because full moons are opposite the sun, those that occur close to the summer solstice would appear quite low in the sky.

Using a telescope, the space agency also promised a glimpse of the moon’s geological features including craters and mountains.

Chill, Spot The Strawberry Moon Online!

The full moon will be broadcast live and for free by the Virtual Telescope Project in Ceccano, Italy. At 12:45 IST, a live webcast will commence, featuring images of the moon as it happens.

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