Shooting at Phoenix Police Helicopter After Bank Robbery
Shooting at Phoenix Police Helicopter After Bank Robbery

Shooting at Phoenix Police Helicopter After Bank Robbery

A man who is accused of stealing a bank and then firing at a police helicopter has been detained by police. On Thursday, Phoenix police were called to a purported armed bank robbery.

According to police, someone inside the bank dialed 911 and claimed that the suspect was holding a bomb and carrying a firearm. The suspect, later identified by police as Charles Rock, 37, allegedly drove away from the bank with the money.

The suspected vehicle was discovered on the interstate, according to police, by a police helicopter and a sergeant in an unmarked truck. Rock apparently exited the freeway, turned left into a strip mall, got out of his car, and started firing at the police helicopter.

A policeman then shot rock, but it’s said that he was able to get back in his car and leave. Rock was rushed to the hospital with significant injuries, according to the police, after being caught in a neighboring parking lot.

After leaving the hospital on Saturday, he was checked into the Maricopa County Jail. A homemade device was discovered in the vehicle Rock was driving by an ATF team and bomb squad, according to the police.

Shooting at Phoenix Police Helicopter After Bank Robbery

No officers or bank employees were hurt in the incident, according to Phoenix Police Sgt. Melissa Soliz. We’re incredibly lucky that this harmed nobody in the neighborhood, added Soliz. This could have gone wrong in a variety of ways.

Rock is accused of many felonies, including aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery, and gun possession by a prohibited person.

“If he had downed that helicopter, he could’ve ki!!ed a lot of people,” Alex Rix, a manager of a nearby smoke shop, said. “Honestly, the guy should be considered a domestic terrorist. You had an explosive in your vehicle, like, who has that?”

Rix saw the mayhem that erupted Thursday in front of the strip mall where Rock is said to have fired at the police aircraft. She doesn’t think the accusations he is facing are sufficient.

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“I hope the guy never sees the light of day again. I know that sounds kind of harsh. A lot of criminals can be rehabilitated but somebody that does that has absolutely zero regard for anybody’s safety,” she said.

“He could’ve hurt a lot of people. He could’ve hurt a lot of officers, and I don’t think that man should ever see the light of day again.”

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