At Least 8 Dead, Multiple Injured in Serbia Shooting
At Least 8 Dead, Multiple Injured in Serbia Shooting

At Least 8 De@d Multiple Injured in Serbia Shooting!

In the nation’s second mass shooting in as many days, a shooter shot at least eight people and injured 13 others. Hundreds of Serbian special forces are looking for him. According to the nation’s Interior Ministry, the ki!!ings occurred on Thursday night at 11 p.m.

According to CNN affiliate N1 and national broadcaster RTS, the assailant was traveling in a car with two other people when he stepped out and started firing an automatic weapon in the village of Dubona, which is located around 60 kilometers (about 37 miles) southeast of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

He was later shot in Mali Oraje and Epin after fleeing the area. All three places are in Serbia’s Mladenovac municipality. The suspect, a 21-year-old man named Uros B. by Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic, has been sought out on a warrant as the gunman is still at large.

According to the national broadcaster RTS, authorities are looking for the suspect with the aid of more than 600 members of the Serbian Special Forces as well as helicopters and thermal imaging equipment.

According to N1, police have sealed off where they think he might be hiding. An anti-terrorism squad, a helicopter unit, and police forces from Belgrade and Smederevo are also involved in the operation.

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Interior Minister Gasic can be seen at the scene in pictures released by the ministry. The Interior Ministry told CNN that they treat this incident as a domestic terrorist act but did not provide any other information.

According to local media, two of those ki!!ed were a police officer and his sister. According to N1, relatives of the victims are now arriving at the Mladenovac Emergency Center.

“The perpetrator is on the run, and all available patrols have been sent in the direction of Mladenovac and Mali Požarevac,” it added.

At Least 8 Dead, Multiple Injured in Serbia Shooting

Images show police cars shutting off surrounding roads as ambulances pass via checkpoints supervised by armed security personnel. Police cars line the side of the road on the route between Dubona and Belgrade as officials conduct a search in the wee hours of the morning.

This occurs a day after the news broke that a 13-year-old kid opened fire on classmates at a school in the Serbian city of Belgrade, shocking the Balkan nation. In addition to a security guard, at least eight children were ki!!ed in that shooting.

Despite the high percentage of gun ownership in Serbia up until last week, major shootings were uncommon there. As a result of the protracted conflict in the 1990s, Serbia has the fifth-highest rate of civilian gun ownership in the world and the highest rate in Europe.

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