When Will Season 2 Of Cutie Pie 2 You Premiere, And Who Will Return?
When Will Season 2 Of Cutie Pie 2 You Premiere, And Who Will Return?

When Will Season 2 Of Cutie Pie 2 You Premiere, And Who Will Return?

When Will Season 2 Of Cutie Pie 2 You Premiere, And Who Will Return? Following an outstanding debut season, everyone’s favorite Black Lightning drama, Cutie Pie, will be back for a second season. The next chapter in Kuea and Lian’s lives will be the primary focus of the second installment of the Cutie Pie series. The release date, trailer, and streaming details for the first episode of Cutie Pie 2 You are included below.

Two Thai actors on the rise, NuNew Chawarin, and Zee Pruk, will be featured in the concluding episode of the second season of Cutie Pie, which will make its debut at the end of January.

Cutie Pie 2 You Season 2 Release Date

The series will consist of a total of 4 episodes. The premiere of the first episode is scheduled to take place on Friday, January 13, 2023, while the conclusion of the series is expected to take place on Monday, January 27, 2023.

Plotline OfCutie Pie 2 For You

This season is meant to be a special release that will offer viewers the finale of the story that Kuea and Lian are telling about themselves at different stages in their lives. After Korea’s graduation, Lian is ready to get started planning their wedding, but Kuea is reluctant to do so since she has a dream she wants to pursue first. Will this affect how they conduct their marriage?

When Will Season 2 Of Cutie Pie 2 You Premiere, And Who Will Return
When Will Season 2 Of Cutie Pie 2 You Premiere, And Who Will Return

The dynamic that exists between Yi and Khondiao will also play a big role in the course of the drama. During the first season, it was not immediately clear that Yi felt the same way as Khondiao did or that he loved her. We will be able to keep track of the couple’s development and the various challenges that they will be facing in the future. At long last, we shall get some more information regarding the romance between Nuea and Syn. Have they spelled out the details of their agreement, including what will take place?

Cutie Pie 2 You Season 2 Cast

The entire cast is expected to appear once more, and judging from the preview, we can’t wait to watch Perth perform the duties of her previous role as a bartender on the show. Who are you most anticipating seeing in the same capacity?

Cutie Pie 2 You Season 2 Preview

The Cutie Pie season 2 trailer reveals that Lian proposed to Kuea, and the latter accepted. But as nothing in life goes according to plan, Kuea soon understands his desire to pursue more. Even though the pair is still very young, season 2 of the show will concentrate on how they deal with the challenges of growing up, managing a career, and putting their relationship first above everything else.

The preview also alluded to some swoon-worthy scenes involving Kuea and Lian, such as when they return to cook their egg salad once more, interact inappropriately, and carry on being crazy as usual. In conclusion, the Cutie Pie sequel will bring back fond memories for fans who previously missed Lian and Korea’s tender love tale.

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Where Can I Watch Season 2 Of Cutie Pie 2 You?

The episodes will be made accessible on the Mandee YouTube channel at ten o’clock (GMT+7) in the evening. The episodes, as is customary, will be broken up into four unique parts each.

Cutie Pie 2 You Season 2 Trailer

We are giddy with excitement as the long-awaited trailer has finally been released. Please share your expectations for this sequel. The trailer is available to view below:

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