How Many Episodes Does The Rig Have?
How Many Episodes Does The Rig Have?

How Many Episodes Does The Rig Have?

If you like supernatural thrillers, you don’t need to look any further. On Amazon Prime, you can watch a brand-new mystery show about an oil rig. Then, how many episodes does The Rig have?

In The Rig, a character-driven mystery thriller, the team on the Kinloch Bravo oil rig can’t talk to anyone because of a strange fog. The crew is stuck in the North Sea, and their fate depends on their powerful captain, Magnus, who is doing his best to get them to safety.

The Prime cast is great as a whole, and Iain Glen plays the crew captain, Magnus. Rose, played by Emily Hampshire, is a no-nonsense company rep who is very skeptical about Glen and the rest of the crew’s supernatural condition.

The series was shot in Scotland, so viewers can expect more than just a good cast. The excellent CGI and visual effects give the show the perfect creepy vibe. The ecosystem and dangerous waves of the North Sea are important to the story. David Macpherson made The Rig, which gives viewers a unique experience. The scary story of an unlucky oil drill crew is told through a plot that is mostly original. It has elements of horror, thriller, and subtle humor.

How Many Episodes Are in the Rig?

The Rig will have six episodes. About an hour passes between each episode. The first episode of the show aired on Friday, January 6, 2023. All six episodes, which are only available on Prime Video, can be watched all at once on the platform.

The Rig Season 2 Release Date

The suspenseful mystery show has not been picked up for a second season, and despite the fact that the premiere is coming up in just a few days, there is not much information available concerning the show’s future. It is likely going to depend on how well the series is received and how much demand there is for more of the same. If it happens, it won’t be for at least another year, which means any continuance won’t happen until the early part of 2024 at the earliest.

Because of its all-star cast, which features well-known actors from shows like Schitt’s Creek, Line of Duty, Game of Thrones, and Unforgotten, as well as John Strickland, a director who has also worked on Bodyguard and Line of Duty, it has the potential to draw in a sizable audience. This is due to the fact that the cast includes well-known actors from these shows.

Who Is In Season 2 Of The Amazon Prime Show Rig?

Even though the fantastic cast has been very vocal about how much they love the show, it is still unclear who, if anyone, will be brought back for a second season. Martin Compston, who plays Fulmer Hamilton in the first season of the show, has been very open about what attracted him to the initiative and why he decided to participate in it.

“When I spoke to [director John Strickland] about it, it was the scale of the thing that I found exciting,” he told Metro. “It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever worked on in terms of the ambition of it.”

Rochenda Sandall, who co-starred with him in Line of Duty and The Rig, agreed. “The scale of them was astounding, and the intricacy was terrific. You’re talking about pushing and dragging physical objects when you talk about opening the rig doors.

“The detail was incredible. The scale of them was insane. You’re talking about opening the rig doors and the actual weight was there. You’re pushing and pulling real things.

“Little specs of rust were individually painted on and there was bird poo on the satellite dishes. The art department’s work was insane – something I have never seen on that scale before,” she told The Herald.

“A lot of the time as actors we’re sitting around drinking tea so I like to get a bit physical when I can,” he told GQ. “With that scene, it was quite funny. I could see them going, ‘Shall we ask him or not?’ so in the end, I went, ‘Are you going to set me on fire or not?’”

“It was a funny thing. At first, I thought it was amazing. I was on fire and couldn’t feel a thing. Then it suddenly got a wee bit hot, which was not supposed to happen, but I kept going because nobody said cut and you assume everything will be okay. They came over with the blankets and fire extinguishers as soon as they realized something was up. I was alright, my back got a bit of a tan, but what other job in the world would you be able to do that? I still had to do another take.”

How Many Episodes Does The Rig Have
How Many Episodes Does The Rig Have

We Need To Know Where To Find Season 2 Of “Rig Shot And Set”

Iain Glen, star of the Amazon series The Rig, recently opened up about the show being Amazon’s first original production to be filmed entirely in Scotland.

“You care in a slightly different way because you’re portraying your people, your country and it does feel that it is a very Scottish story, and all credit to Amazon UK because they didn’t try and dilute it in any form,” he told The Herald.

“It’s wonderful to see the blossoming of Scotland for this kind of thing,” co-star Mark Bonnar added. “Especially as it’s a homegrown tale from a writer with many homegrown casts. It’s fantastic. It’s pleasurable to see that happening here.”

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Where Can I Find The Trailer For The Second Season Of The Rig?

Because production on season two has not yet been given the green light, it is too soon to see a trailer or teaser clip for the upcoming season. You’ll have to make do with the first season for the time being. Sorry about that. However, as soon as we acquire any new information, we will communicate it to you. You can preview it by watching the trailer down below:

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