Scorn Act 2
Scorn Act 2

Scorn Act 2 Walkthrough: Complete Puzzle Solutions

With scorn, you can be accessible in a world where you don’t belong. Machines make you feel uncomfortable mash-up creatures that look like people and change your thin, lost body so often that you won’t know what’s good and wrong.

Even though the puzzles are strange, they make sense, and if you pay close attention, you might even figure out what you’re trying to do. That is exactly what happens in Scorn Act 2.

In Act 2 your character who has no name gets lost outside the starting point and has to go back through an area that has been abandoned. There are pieces of flesh sticking out of the ground, dusty corpses, and a terrifying creature. By Act 2, you’ll even be able to get a weapon and a healing station, two staples of FPS games. Yes, in this game, you do have health.

Below, we’ll go over everything in Act 2. Even though the progress is (mostly) more linear here, the puzzles are getting harder. As we move into Act 3, we’ll see if that lasts.

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Things are about to get worse for you. When you wake up in an organic pod, you’ll pull yourself out of the hardened goo-shell and pull a moving tentacle out of your chest. Follow the path through the empty land in the next few minutes. You’ll eventually come across a big building with an entrance.

Scorn Act 2

Move up and further into the abandoned building. This place is empty, and creatures with spiked tails are everywhere. Some people want to hurt you here, so be careful. Keep going until you come to a door that is locked.

  • Getting The Cylinder Device: At the locked door (like the ones we encountered in Act 1), there’s a dead body on the opposite wall. Interact with the dead body to get a Cylinder Device.
  • NOTE: The first cylinder key puzzle is located right here. If you miss it, you’ll quickly find it later — we’ve included this (straightforward) puzzle as the third of the cylinder puzzles.

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Backtrack down the hallway to a nearby room with glowing red eggs. Use the cylinder on the machine to the right of the “shell” we can’t interact with. The cylinder is a key and unlocks the gate.

Go through the gate and use the switch to lower the lift. Ride the lift up and enter the “heart” through the narrow passage. You’ll find a button at the end.

  • The Three Tunnels: You can select one of the three tunnels at the switch. The passage will stretch and connect by choosing a tunnel, allowing you to access each path. You can only access one course at a time.
  • Let’s start with the Left Tunnel. That’s the left-most tunnel from our starting position.
  • There are three accessible tunnels: the left tunnel, the middle tunnel, and the right tunnel. The right tunnel is blocked and can’t be accessed yet.

Using The Left Tunnel As A Guide:

If we take the left path, we’ll find another essential thing. Use the key to start a weird puzzle with cylinders that spin.

  • How To Solve The Cylinder Key Puzzle: After inserting the key, the outer ring will begin to spin. We need to move the “catcher” to one of four positions and use it to lock the spinning ring in place.
  • Outer Ring: Stops at the lower-left slot after several cycles.
  • Middle Ring: Stops at the upper-right slot.
  • Inner Ring: Stops at the upper-left slot.
  • Lock all slots and then align them north (up). Interact to complete the puzzle.

It’s unclear what this machine does, but it looks like it upgrades our key. We can’t do anything else here, so let’s go to the Middle Tunnel.

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Using The Middle Tunnel As A Guide:

On the middle path, there is a huge fan that spins. Walk past it and up the ramps to find another wild animal. Follow it into the vent and up to a sunlit nursery. There is a hallway with three tentacle conduits at the end of it. To stop the fan from turning, pull on all three.

Scorn Act 2

As you walk away, something will attack you and grab onto you. It is carrying another Jackhammer weapon, so this is useful! Hopefully, go through the fan blades that don’t work. The path leads to another important puzzle. We solved it the same way we did the first one.

Following the Right Tunnel (Open):

The tunnel packed with dead bodies is now unblocked. Go inside to find the final cylinder puzzle.

Solve The Fourth Cylinder Key Puzzle: Unlock the other puzzles; this one is half obscured. You’ll need to guess which spot each ring stops. Or check the answers below.

  • Outer Ring: Upper-Right
  • Middle Ring: Lower-Right
  • Inner Ring: Lower-Left

Return to the room with the red plant buds and use the Cylinder Key to lower all four buds, causing a terminal to rise. With all four declined, it won’t reset.

The Cylinder Lock with slide to a control panel to the left. You’ll have to solve a tricky puzzle to match all the white lights with the red spots.

How To Solve The Cylinder Light Puzzle: We need to move each white ring to red light for this puzzle. We need to match all four lights. Each ring can only progress if aligned correctly. Here’s a step-by-step solution.

  • We’ll assign each ring a number. The rings are 1 through 4 (left-to-right).
  • Move Ring 1 to the lower path. Enter by moving left once.
  • Move Ring 2 to the upper path. Move up four times and leave once.
  • Move Ring 3 to the lower path. Move down four, left once.
  • Move Ring 4 to the middle path. Move up twice, left once.
  • Rings 2-4 are now in the correct positions. Move up twice to solve the puzzle.

You get a [Locked Door Decoder] when you figure out the puzzle. We can now “hack” our way through locked doors. Go back to the nearby locked door and do something to open it. Follow the path, open the second locked door, and then take the elevator down.

When you get off the elevator, that thing attached to you will attack (remember that?). To heal yourself, use the strange device nearby to add several healing charges to the “Heart” device.

If you use the third locked door, you’ll end up back where Act 1 began. Backtrack to the first room, where we woke up at the beginning of the game. If you remember, that room also had a locked door. Unlock the door and take the elevator down to a completely different area. We just finished reading another part of the story.

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