100LB Sailfish Jumps On Florida Boat Gores Woman


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When a 100lb sailfish sprang from the sea and impaled a Maryland woman while she was fishing off the coast of Florida, she was rushed to the hospital. The incident on Katherine Perkins, 73, occurred last week and left her with a groyne injury.

According to a report received by the Guardian from the Martin County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, she claimed the fish moved too quickly for her to react. Perkins was stabbed by a fish that was caught two miles off the coast of Stuart, Florida.

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At Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West’s 2022 Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, Jon Auvil took home a bust of Ernest Hemingway and some well-deserved praise for his performance. Louis Toth and Dominic Bellezza “said Louis had a fish on the line and was trying to bring it aboard,” the sheriff’s report claimed.

100lb Sailfish
100lb Sailfish

Described as a sailfish, the fish “charged at the boat” when it was identified, according to the report. While standing next to the centre console, Louis and Dominic reported seeing a sailfish jump up and attack Katherine in the groyne.

They “quickly placed pressure on the wound,” and then met officers at the scene on the coast. With an estimated maximum weight of 220 pounds, sailfish are the largest and fastest fish in the ocean.

They are “blue to grey in colour with a white underbelly,” according to National Geographic. Their dorsal fin, which extends nearly the entire length of their bodies and rises far higher than the thickness of their bodies, gives them their name. The upper jaw of these billfish extends well beyond the lower, giving them the appearance of a spear.

To hunt, sailfish use their beak to tap on individual prey targets or cut through sardine schools “with forceful lateral motions typified by one of the greatest acceleration levels ever recorded in an aquatic vertebrate,” a 2014 research in Proceedings of the Royal Society B said.

With their large sails, they are able to guide smaller schools of fish like sardines and anchovies into their path, which makes them easy prey.” Squid and octopus are also on the menu.

Sailfish are “renowned for their quick dashes, acrobatic jumps and head-shaking efforts to throw a hook,” according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. To ensure their survival, it further states that “sailfish are prone to exhaustion and should be restored after a protracted combat.” “The majority of fisherman return these fish to the water.”

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