Google Pixel 6a Security Issues: Fingerprint Isn’t Accurate Unlocks Phone For Unregistered Users


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The Pixel 6a is Google’s newest smartphone in development, and it offers a low-cost smartphone with a fingerprint reader embedded in the display. However, there have been concerns about security issues with the Pixel 6a.

It is said that there is an issue with Google Pixel 6a it unlocks phones for unregistered users. Owners who were able to get their hands on the device early found this particular issue and expressed their worries about it.

Google Pixel 6a: Problems With The Fingerprint Scanner

“Geekyranjit,” a YouTuber who reviewed the Google Pixel 6a, said on his recent vlog and a product review that he was able to unlock the phone using multiple fingerprints. Even though it’s Google’s most recent phone, it raises serious concerns about the company’s upcoming product.

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In addition, Reddit’s r/GooglePixel subreddit discussed this new argument, particularly in relation to the YouTuber’s thoughts on the current device’s faults. Some think there is a problem with the new smartphone, while others suggest the opposite. There are numerous accusations about the device’s security, and this has sparked a large debate about it.

Is The Google Pixel 6a Capable Of Unlocking Unregistered Prints?

Is The Google Pixel 6a Capable Of Unlocking Unregistered Prints?
Is The Google Pixel 6a Capable Of Unlocking Unregistered Prints?

According to the review, the Pixel 6a has a major security flaw in that it opens the phone even though no fingerprints have been registered on it. Several YouTubers and reviewers have raised concerns about this issue, but Google hasn’t commented on it.

For the time being, the Pixel 6a is slated to go on sale as the affordable version of the latest smartphone, which was unveiled earlier this month.

Google’s Pixel Phones

The Google Pixel 6 is the company’s current flagship gadget, and it incorporates the well-known Tensor chip, which integrates a Silicon SoC built by Google into the smartphone. With the current Pixel 6a, it did not immediately introduce a new low-cost smartphone bearing the A-suffix designation.

The Pixel 5a, Google’s last budget smartphone, was released the last year and fulfilled the world’s need for a mobile phone at an accessible price. There are no 5G C-Band connections on Google’s Pixel 5a, even though it has all the necessary hardware to do so.

Furthermore, the Pixel phones’ focus on Google’s Android means that users can obtain the most up-to-date features from the company’s operating system.

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Google is gearing up to introduce the Pixel 6a, which will be the company’s next entry-level smartphone. Despite this, it has already been subject to a number of security-related investigations. As of this writing, there is still time for Google to address this purported issue, especially given the complaints from customers on a forum about fingerprint issues.

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