Netflix's Resident Evil Review
Netflix's Resident Evil Review

Netflix’s Resident Evil Review

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some fun after the week/month/existence we have had since June 23rd, 2016. So hurry up and watch Netflix’s Resident Evil remake and enjoy a mindless eight hours of entertainment.

Unlike Netflix’s animated version of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, this live-action adaptation of the cult classic video game is not only faithful to the source material but also packs a lot of scares.

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Fair At the very least, New Raccoon City is where we spend the majority of our time. Billie and Jade, who have been conceived through a surrogate and donor eggs in 2022, are the subject of this story. Everything Resident Evil tells us will eventually become relevant, which is why I’m telling you this now. A video game-based action series adaption guarantees this.

Dr. Albert Wesker, their father, is the head scientist of Umbrella Corporation, the company that owns the town they grew up in secrets has been haunting him since childhood.

A bioweapon (the T-virus) has reduced the population of humans to roughly 15 million miserable people in 2036, and we’re being tossed throughout England and France in separate but equally damaged areas. As a result of the T-virus’s ability to jump species and transform creatures into cannibal mutants, they must spend their days battling the 6bn “Zeroes” (zombies, dear) that are afflicted with the bug.

Billie is a field researcher in 2036 who analyses how the virus has evolved. This means she studies packs of Zeroes and does silly things like hurting herself on a rusty nail, which forces her to return to a booby-trapped base, followed by a violent mob.

Unfortunately, as soon as you escape a swarm of zombies, you learn that the ever-expanding Umbrella Corporation is also after you. You’ve got what they’re looking for. Maybe your father’s injections you received as a child or the unexplained circumstances of your birth have something to do with it? We’ll never know for sure. Not us (see “guarantee” above), of course.

It’s a tonne of fun. It seems like Billie gets into a tight and bloody situation after another. A new group of heavily armed individuals appears just as all hope seems gone to save her or attack her assailants, before you have time say: “The enemy of my opponent is my friend, and will at likely have a flamethrower I can steal to get away from you all!” Billie is now again free.

Blood gushes, skin squishes, and bone is splintered by chainsaws in a flurry of violence. You won’t even think of politics for an hour, I guarantee it.

During the twins’ break-in to Umbrella’s headquarters in 2022 to expose the wicked corporation’s testing on animals, Jade gets bitten by what appears to be an aggressive dog. This is a horrible development.

For the next 72 hours, we’ll have to wait and see how terrible things go for her; after that, the countdown begins. Netflix’s Resident Evil is not for those who live by the maxim “less is more.” Many things happen. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot of stuff. But โ€“ and here’s the icing on the cake โ€” none of it really matters.

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There is no way you could care less about the outcome, even if you tried. You don’t need to use your higher brain functions in this situation. If you can eat another crisp and think to yourself, “How’s she going to get out of this one?!” then you are ready to take on the challenges of Resident Evil.

Every scene ends with a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger at the conclusion of each episode is becoming larger and better. If you’ve never binge-watched before, you’ll binge-watch like never before. If it even remotely appeals to you (and even if it doesn’t, you should give it a shot nevertheless), you will have a blast. The year 2016 and beyond will go down in history as one of those times when nothing but mindless zombie slaughters will do.

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