Ranking of Kings Season 2: When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022


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It was a big deal in Japan even before the  airing of ‘Ranking of Kings’ Part 2. The anime was a 2 cour show done by WiT with the OP done by King Gnu. They accept that WIT has shown to be the most consistent studio in this period of Anime. They’ve given us so many hits over the last decade.
WiT has a large fan base because their programming is never the same every season. WIT adopting a manga is a blessing and a curse, say fans. It’s nice to obtain a 10/10 adaptation, but it’s unlikely to be totally adapted.

Ranking of Kings Season 2

Season 1 Episode 1 of Ranking of Kings premiered on October 15, 2021. The anime will have 23 episodes with no breaks between them. Release date: January 6, 2022. Ranking of Kings Episode 23 will premiere on Friday, March 25th.

Season 1 of Ranking of Kings has two more episodes to go. News that their favourite anime is set to end will be emotional and tearful for viewers.

Release Date for The Ranking of Kings Season 2

The Ranking of Kings anime will return for season 2 part 2 in mid 2022. Following the New Year’s break, the initial television broadcast will consist of 23 total episodes.

This means that 12 more episodes will be released on Funimation before the Winter anime season begins.

Release Date for The Ranking of Kings Season 2

Dub Casts of The Ranking of Kings Season 2

FUNimation announced the Ranking of Kings dub cast:

Characters Name Voiced By(Japanese) Voiced By (English)
Bojji Minami Hinata Emily Fajardo
Kage Ayumu Murase SungWon Cho
Daida Yuki Kaji Justin Briner
Hiling Rina Satō Luci Christian
Domas Takuya Eguchi A. J. Locascio
Apeas Hiroki Yasumoto Luis Bermudez
Dorshe Hinata Tadokoro Brent Mukai
Hokuro Daiki Yamashita Bryce Papenbrook
Bosse Kenta Miyake Cris George
Shiina Takako Honda Laila Berzins


What is the storyline of Ranking of Kings

Bojji is a deaf, impotent prince who can’t even wield a child’s sword. As the firstborn son, he works hard and wants to be the best king in the world. It’s also said that he’s “a prince who is good for nothing” and “there’s no way he can be King.”

A natural shadow on the ground named “Kage” (shadow) is Bojji’s first friend. He knows him very well. (Kage is a member of the Kage assassin clan that was wiped out by the war.) Kage, who is no longer a killer, now makes money by stealing.

The book tells the storey of how Bojji grows up as he meets a lot of different people in his life, starting with his tragic encounter with Kage.

Trailer of Ranking of Kings

For now, we don’t know what Season 2’s trailer will look like, but we’ve given you the link to the Season 1 trailer.

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