Drifters season 5
Drifters season 5

Drifters Series 5: Is it Officially Cancelled? Everything You Need To Know!

Jessica Knappett developed the British sitcom Drifters. Simon Wilson and Damon Beesley serve as executive producers. The sitcom follows two cousins and their friend as they transition from high school to university. On October 31, 2014, the series premiered. Season 4 debuted on October 10, 2016. Drifters is now available on the E4 network. On IMDb, the series has a rating of 7.0 out of 10.

Unfortunately, the show’s creator, Knappett, confirmed the cancellation of Drifters on Richard Herring’s Leicester Theatre Podcast.

Season 5 of Drifters has been cancelled?

Throughout its four seasons, the series averaged 0.5 million viewers each episode. Despite this, the show was met with mixed reactions. The show was accused of taking an unrealistic approach to life’s challenges. Knappett, on the other hand, believes that the majority of the storey is true and based on his own experiences. Some even went so far as to declare the show slow and the characters weak.

All of the criticism forced E4 to cancel the show. Despite the fact that viewers had anticipated the renewal. By 2019, E4 had not made a final choice. As a result, Knappett decided to cancel the show entirely.

Cast of Drifters

The cast of Drifters: Meg by Jessica Knappett, Bunny by Lydia Rose Bewley(Meg’s cousin), Laura by Lauren O’Rourke(Meg and Bunny’s friend), Frank by Bob Mortimer(Meg’s father), Jenny by Arabella Weir(Meg’s mother), Mark by Philip McGinley(Meg’s ex-boyfriend), Gary by Bobby Hirston(Laura’s partner), Malcolm by Nick Mohammed(manager of a shop), James by Sam Jackson(Meg’s younger brother), Scott by Brett Goldstein (Meg’s neighbour), Hot & Cold by Perry Fitzpatrick(Meg’s fling), Nathan by Ash Rizi(manager of the call center) and Sara by Alice Barlow(James’ girlfriend then-wife).

Cast of Drifters

Season 4 Recap

eg has been seeing feminist Andrew for 5 days. His hesitation to have sex with her frustrates her. On her first day at a contact centre, Laura notices her coworkers are gorgeous young men. She calls Gary to break up, but he refuses to accept it. She invites her attractive new colleagues to Meg and Bunny’s sensual Halloween house party. Meg hates throwing parties. Meg does not invite anyone and Bunny only invites Scott. Laura is angry when Gary shows up at her office as a courier.

Bunny is dressed in a scarlet robe and Laura as a devil. Meg dresses as a male to represent patriarchy until Bunny and Laura persuade her otherwise. Andrew wears a fur cape. Gary is dressed as Santa. Bunny is thrilled to see Scott (with tribal marks), but disappointed to meet his new lover Lizzie. The punch contains beer, absinthe, whisky, rum, wine, orange squash, and milk. Bunny, a psychic, has a séance.

Season 4 Recap

Bunny uses tarot cards to predict the demise of Scott and Lizzie’s love. Bunny then claims to contact Gary’s late uncle Nigel. Lizzie is enraged after learning from Bunny that Scott sex with her and Meg. Meg and Andrew had sex in her room. Shortly after, Meg loses interest. Laura’s coworkers arrive at the door, followed by Meg, Andrew, and Bunny. Everyone sees Laura with Gary. Bunny, Meg, and Andrew follow the colleagues out. GARY IS OUT!!!

Andrew bores Meg and she isn’t attracted to him. She attempts to block him, but he texts her back. He treats her to a 15-course meal. “Third way” is recommended by Hot & Cold. She tells Andrew, but he rejects her and dumps her. Then she goes to Hot & Cold’s flat to have sex with him.

Laura leaves Gary and moves in with Meg and Bunny. But she keeps having sex with him and later moves back in.

Bunny is a prostitute slain in a subway. Producer puts her as a biochemist opposite cage fighter Alex Reid. So Bunny employs Laura. Laura is employed as an extra while Meg works as a trainee. Bunny is fired, so Laura is hired. Laura represents Alex and gets Bunny a TV part.

Laura learns about sick pay and fakes illness to get paid time off.
Meg wants to sublet the flat to a family while the girls stay at Frank and Jenny’s. They notice Frank and Jenny have changed the locks. Laura tries to enter with their main account’s card, but it breaks. They fail in their attempts to stay at their flat, then Scott’s, then Gary’s.

Drifters Season 4 Recap

They sleep in a golf club bunker where Meg and Laura get hit by a golf ball every morning. The sisters attend their 2007 high school reunion, hoping to find a place to stay that night. A tooth slips out of Meg’s mouth on stage. Laura slips and lifts a curtain, discovering Bunny having sex with an old classmate.

Meg, Laura, and Bunny go on a detox. They even join up for a charity mud run, but then things get complicated. When Meg and Bunny’s Grandma Primrose dies. They move it to Friday instead of Saturday so they can go to Glastonbury with Laura that weekend. Frank tells them just before they leave that their tickets were for 2014.

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