Quanzhi Fashi Season 5
Quanzhi Fashi Season 5

Quanzhi Fashi Season 5 Release Date Status: Renewed Or Cancelled At Tecent?

The fourth season of Quanzhi Fashi, also known as Full-Time Magister, was released last year. Fans are already waiting for a fifth season of the beloved Donghua.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the fourth season of the Chinese anime series had even more viewers and attention than the third season. After season 4 came out, a lot of people on the internet said that the show had already been renewed for a fifth season. How true are these stories? Is Quanzhi Fashi Season 5 really going to happen? This is what we know.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 5

Will There Be ‘Quanzhi Fashi’ Season 5?

There is! It will be good news for fans of the anime show to know that the rumours are true. The fifth season of Quanzhi Fashi is going to happen.

Soon after season 4 came out in May 2020, rumours spread that the anime had already been approved for season 5. Fortunately, after a few weeks, Tencent said that Quanzhi Fashi would be back for season 5. The news was made at the 2020 Tencent Video Animation Conference Event.

When Will ‘Quanzhi Fashi’ Season 5 Release?

When Will 'Quanzhi Fashi' Season 5 Release?

Tencent may have already said that season 5 is coming, but the company hasn’t said when the new season will be out. Each season had a one-year gap between the release dates of the first, second, and third episodes. Many people didn’t see season 4 for two years.

If there is a Coronavirus pandemic, season 5 might also take a little more time to finish, too. At least until late 2021 or early 2022, we think season 5 will be out. We will keep this page up to date as soon as we learn more.

Quanzhi Fashi 5 plot: What is it about?

In Quanzhi Fashi, there is adventure, hardship, and magic. In high school, Mo Fan comes from a poor family. It tells his storey. Fan’s future is completely changed when he is sent to another world. Fan realises that the parallel universe has a lot in common with the one it used to live in. He was born to poor parents and has a brother or sister who isn’t like him. In the new world, Fan finds that magic rules over technology, not the other way around! He goes to a well-known school of magic, but his previous life keeps getting in the way of him achieving his goals. It doesn’t matter how hard it is for Fan to succeed. He grows and becomes a powerful magician who can use rare lightning and other fire elements of magic. When Fan lived, there were four seasons that showed how he had to deal with things and how he did well in magic.

We don’t know the exact plot of Quanzhi Fashi season five yet, but we think that the same storey will be told with new twists and turns. It will be exciting to see what this Chinese anime, which has been watched by a lot of people around the world, has in store for its fans.

Quanzhi Fashi season five Cast: Who is in the cast?

Tencent and the show’s creators aren’t telling anyone about the cast of Quanzhi Fashi Season 5. So, it’s not clear which characters will be back for the fifth season of the TV show. The fourth part of Quanzhi Fashi had a lot of different voices and people.

Here is a quick list of some of our favourite things:

This is the name of the main character in our storey: Mo Fan. Mo Fan is not afraid or afraid to try and become the master of the school of magic. What makes him stand out from other people in his age group is how smart he is. Mu Ning Xue is a true friend of Mo Fan, and she has natural magical skills.

Quanzhi Fashi season five Cast: Who is in the cast?

Zin Xia is the step-sister of Mo Fan and has a condition. who has to use a wheelchair People might show up in the storey if there’s a lot of new trouble. However, there hasn’t been any news about who will be joining the voice cast.

Is There An Official Trailer For ‘Quanzhi Fashi’ Season 5?

No, there hasn’t been an official trailer for the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashi yet. The viral trailer that went around the internet a year ago was a cut-down clip from season 2 of the anime show.

But don’t worry, now that the show has been renewed, we can be sure that we will get to see our official trailer soon enough. When the official trailer comes out, we’ll make sure this page is up to date with the link. For now enjoy the previous season trailer.

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