Assault Lily Bouquet season 2
Assault Lily Bouquet season 2

Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2: Release Date Status Update: Will There Be A New Season?

‘Assault Lily Bouquet’ is a science fiction anime series set in the near future that was developed as part of a multi-media franchise. It recounts the narrative of a gang of adolescent girls who struggle against creatures known as the Huge. Charms are the only weapons that can be used to destroy the monsters, and they can only be wielded by young ladies. Garden is the name given to each of these females, and the facilities where they receive their training and education are referred to as Gardens.

Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2

As seen in the first episode, Riri Hitotsuyanagi is introduced to the school and meets other Lilies, notably Yuyu Shirai, a skilled warrior that Riri admires. As the series unfolds, Riri develops friendships with a number of different students. The death of Yri Hitotsuyanagi has a particularly devastating effect on her and the other Lilies in the group.

There have been a number of positive reviews for the show since it first aired. For those of you who are curious about when the next season of ‘Assault Lily Bouquet’ will be released, this is what we currently know.

Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

It is possible that Studio Shaft will begin work on a new anime series as soon as this year if the production company agrees to renew the contract. After the production process is completed, the show will not be broadcast on television for at least a year after it is completed. Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2 could premiere before the end of 2022 if the project receives approval soon after it was originally proposed.

As soon as the producers give their approval, this section will be updated. While we wait for additional information, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for any new developments.

Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2 Expected Story

Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2 Expected Story

During the season 1 finale of ‘Bouquet: Flower Language,’ Riri’s Charm is still active, and she launches an attack on the Huge, who is in charge of neutralising the Charms in the world. Yuyu jumps in with both feet. They were aided in their efforts to vanquish the Huge by a swarm of Lilies. It is said by their teacher that an ultra-exclusive Huge is submerged beneath the surface of the water.

As part of Riri’s war against the monster, Yuyu has volunteered to accompany her. Both of them are deeply impacted by Yri’s death, and they talk about it as they journey together. Then they utilise their uniforms to construct a protective bubble around themselves to keep themselves safe. After a long absence, they are greeted by their friends, who had been looking forward to their return for quite some time.

Season 2 may place a heavy emphasis on the developing romance between Riri and Yuyu. Riri and her enigmatic Charm may have a closer relationship in the near future. Huge, who is both stronger and more dangerous than the Lily’s, may come into conflict with them. Huge has the potential to be great.

Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2: Cast

Following is the list of characters of season 2.

  • Hikaru Akao as Riri Hitotsuyanagi
  • Yuyu Shirai is Yuko Natsuyoshi.
  • Kaede J. Nouvelle is Mikako Izawa.
  • Fumi Futagawa (Rimi Nishimoto)
  • Tazusa Andou (Risa Tsumugi)
  • Mai Thi Yoshimura (Haruki Iwata)
  • Kuo Shenlin, played by Sana Hoshimori
  • Wang Yujia is Hikaru Tono.
  • Miriam Hildegard (Karin Takahashi). Alfheim, by V. Gropius
  • As Soraha, Minami Tsuda Amano

Assault Lily Bouquet Season 2: Trailer

For the time being, we do not have any information on the season 2 trailer; nevertheless, we have supplied a link to the season 1 trailer. Stay with us, and we will undoubtedly supply you with the trailer for season 2.

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