Pleasanton Home Depot Employee Shot and Killed
Pleasanton Home Depot Employee Shot and Killed

Pleasanton Home Depot Employee Shot and Ki!!ed!

The guy who was shot and m*rder*d on Tuesday afternoon while attempting to thwart a theft at a Home Depot in California has been recognized by the police.

Blake Mohs, age 26, a native of Tri-Valley, California, and a worker in loss prevention for Home Depot, has been named as the victim, authorities confirmed on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately his life was cut short by this senseless act of violence that started with a theft and turned into a robbery and ended in his m*rder,” Lt. Erik Silacci, a spokesman for the Pleasanton, California Police Department, said.

According to police, it all began when a 32-year-old lady tried to leave the store through the back loading dock with an allegedly unpaid-for electronic equipment.

“She was confronted by one of the workers, and she seemed determined to exit the store without paying and then she was confronted by Blake, the loss prevention agent,” Silacci said. “And that’s when a physical confrontation ensued, and the female suspect pulled out a handgun and fired a shot at Blake.”

The shooter allegedly then fled the scene after getting into a getaway car. Before the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office tracked the pistol to Oakland, California, day laborers in the store’s parking lot informed ABC San Francisco affiliate KGO they observed the gun being thrown from the car.

Pleasanton Home Depot Employee Shot and Killed

At that point, they also detained the getaway driver, a 31-year-old guy, and the suspect. Police discovered the suspect’s 2-year-old child in the backseat, and the toddler was eventually reunited with family.

“We lost a valuable member of our community, a person who served to protect his fellow coworkers and customers and was a valuable partner with law enforcement,” said Silacci.

Mohs, according to the police, was a son, a brother, an Eagle Scout, and engaged. According to the wedding website, he was scheduled to wed at a Boy Scout camping in Sonoma County in August.

“Blake was a real good person, I mean, he was like your go-to friend, like ‘Hey Blake you want to go hang out? Yeah sure! Blake, you want to go grab a beer? Yeah,'” David, a family friend said.

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The news that Blake was the victim of the shooting surprised David, a family friend who went to school with Mohs and still resides next door to his parents. David had been following this shooting since it happened on Tuesday.

“Every time I’ve seen him at work, he had a real enthusiastic mood about him at work, like he wasn’t just there to do his job, he was actually enjoying his work,” he said. “I came in and it was like he wasn’t even working there, it was just like talking to a friend.”

On Tuesday night, Home Depot said, “We’re heartbroken over this senseless tragedy. Blake was our associate and friend, and our hearts go out to his family and everyone who knew and loved him.”

In addition to being accused of m*rder, robbery, endangering the welfare of children, and conspiracy, the suspects could also face further accusations.

An armed security guard at the scene told KGO reporter Lena Howland that he and a few other guards with previous military or police experience were brought in on Wednesday as the store reopened for an additional layer of security.

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