Truck Hangs Over a Wall in Norfolk
Truck Hangs Over a Wall in Norfolk

After Colliding With Gas Pumps a Truck Hangs Over a Wall in Norfolk

On Wednesday afternoon, a box truck for a linen supply company slammed through a fence and gas pumps at a downtown gas station, locking the driver inside the cab as it dangled precariously over a 12-foot retaining wall.

Firefighters removed the driver from the cab while it was still suspended about 12 to 15 feet in the air using a ladder truck. Then they transported him to a nearby hospital as a precaution, according to Fire Chief Erron Kinney.

“No one else was injured. Thank God,” remarked Kinney, who was present. Just after 1:45 in the afternoon, a collision was reported at the Daley Service Center on Main Street and Rockwood Road.

According to a preliminary inquiry, the box truck hit a petrol pump after hitting a traffic island before entering Daley’s. Before smashing through the gate and coming to rest with its front tires hanging over the wall, the truck continued into two more vehicles and an aerial lift, according to Police Chief Timothy Heinz.

The police were looking into the cause. Kinney said a witness went to the Main Street fire station across from Daley’s to report the collision.

Truck Hangs Over a Wall in Norfolk

The chief explained that when firemen arrived on the site, they had to evaluate the driver’s condition and any potential hazard the damaged gas pumps posed. Fortunately, he said a safety valve cut off the gas flow, preventing any fuel from spilling and any threat of an explosion.

In addition to complimenting the service center workers, Kinney stated that “all of the safety mechanisms worked perfectly.” The fire chief reported that the driver did not appear to have suffered significant injuries from the collision.

“It was a mess, but it could have been disastrous,” he remarked. Some damage was done to a few additional cars parked at the service area for repairs.

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After the collision, a part of a pickup truck’s rear, one of the vehicles struck in the parking lot, hung over the wall. The Falvey Linen Supply Inc. truck’s cab was stabilized before being carried away using a crane on a tow truck from Chris’ Service Center in Walpole.

Near the truck were a damaged pump stand and an absorbent that firefighters used to spit gas. Kinney said three gallons of gas leaked, presumably from the hoses. At the base of the retaining wall was debris on the ground, including a section of the white fence, wood, and glass.

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