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Planes Ready to Evacuate Have Not Been Able to Leave Due to the Impediment of the Taliban

Four planes that are ready to evacuate hundreds of people from Afghanistan have failed to take off. Until now, the reason why the Taliban have prevented the four planes from leaving the country is unknown since the unofficial versions that some officials have heard are different.

The situation that has been going on for several days occurs amid pressure from the current Taliban government to prevent the United States from continuing to help people who want to flee the country.

Meanwhile, at the airport in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, an Afghan official has said that the difficulties with the departure of these planes are possibly due to; a large part of the passengers are Afghans who do not have the regulatory documents such as passports or visas to be able to leave the country legally. He said he knew that some of those in that situation have already left the airport while planes are kept waiting to leave.

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Because of these comments, a Republican member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States House of Representatives has said that there are also American citizens in the groups of people who are ready to evacuate. The Taliban have held these citizens hostage while they wait, sitting inside the planes for the moment to take off.

This has been the scene of the last days of war between Afghanistan and the United States, painful and traumatic moments from the airlift to evacuate thousands of Americans and their allies from the Kabul airport.

These people are desperate and fear the reprisals the Taliban could take against them, so they want to flee that country as soon as possible. Many have lagged since the last US troops left on August 30.

During this situation going on for several days, the United States government has promised to continue working with the new Taliban government. Help those who can travel out of Apis, while the militants only ensure that they allow only those who have their legal documents to leave the country.

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Final words:

As the situation continues and uncertainty increases, many opinions, and statements from US and Afghan officials have also spoken anonymously.

Without many details, the representative of Texas, Michael McCaul, has made known to “Fox News Sunday” that the American citizens and the Afghan interpreters were in 6 planes. And what he thinks is that “The Taliban will not let them out of the airport.” He also expressed his concern that he only has an interest in claiming his legitimacy as a government or demanding more and more in cash.

The truth is that given the seriousness of the situation, the reactions have not been long in coming. While many passengers have been seen staying in hotels while they wait elapses, it is unknown how long it may take.



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