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Pregnant Teens Think Texas Abortion Law Is a Huge Nightmare

Discovering a pregnancy before reaching the first six weeks is practically impossible, especially for minors. However, that is what the law states.

The Supreme Court enacted a law known as SB8, which prohibits virtually all abortions. This law was passed by a Republican-controlled legislature, including the governor, and endorsed by federal judges whom Republican presidents have appointed.

This is not the first time that abortion law has been approved institutionally, but it is the first time that no court has opposed this kind of law. In this sense, Texas is now going to be a world in which politicians will control women’s autonomy.

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SB8 will have a deadly effect on all Texas women, but pregnant teens are going to suffer the most. This law prohibits abortion once the cardiac activity is detected in the fetus at approximately 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The state cannot enforce the statute directly. This law can only be enforced through private actions that allow anyone to sue a woman for an abortion after the limit and anyone involved in the procedure.

Defendants for abortion must pay an amount not less than $ 10,000 per defendant. There is no limit to the number of people or limits on what it means to “help or incite.” As soon as the law takes effect, doctors across the state must stop providing abortions, except those of the kind that are not covered by the law.

Most people who want to have an abortion will not be able to do it legally in Texas. Most pregnancies are detectable and suspected for a long time.

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Even a woman with a regular menstrual cycle would only have two weeks to take the pregnancy test, make the decision, and stop it. Texas lawmakers have also banned private abortion insurance coverage and public funding through Medicaid.

Final words

The abortion laws already in place in Texas are over the top. One of them dictates that women should see the same doctor less than 24 hours apart. The first appointment is to have an ultrasound, to detect the cardiac activity of the fetus, and then they should be advised for “informed consent.” This means that you will be given a state brochure full of misrepresentations about the risks of abortions. The second appointment is for the abortion procedure, which can be done with medication.

Abortion care has always been extremely complicated throughout the state of Texas. With the addition of this law, it will be much more difficult to find doctors willing to perform these kinds of procedures. This is a major challenge for all Texas teens who wish to have an abortion, regardless of their situation.



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